A Big Brother double-header

A Big Brother double-header

APRIL 27, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Big Brother Canada has its final five.

Anika, Daniel, Claudia, Renee and Ty are all still in the race to be crowned this season’s winner.

The jury house itself is getting a bit crowded though as Big Brother sent two houseguests packing tonight.

The first to leave was Kuzie, the 9-1-1 operator from British Columbia. Ty was the only person who wanted her to stay. Shanaya, Daniel and Claudia voted for her to go. In voting out Kuzie, Daniel effectively ended The Crown alliance which had been floundering recently as the rifts between Daniel, Anika and Kuzie grew.

“I feared nobody in the house. I came alone. I came to prove a point and I hope that everyone who has been watching has seen the great in me rather than the bad, if there is any,” Kuzie told executive producer/host Arisa Cox.

The rivalry between what’s left of the Crown and the Girly Pops balanced out though by the end of the night as Shanaya was the second houseguest to leave the game.

Claudia did win HoH but she put Daniel and Anika on the block, perhaps placing more of a priority on her alliance, showmance with Ty.

That decision came rushing back to haunt her when Ty won the Power of Veto for the third time in a row and the fourth time this season.

Ty used the power to take Anika off the block forcing Claudia to pick between her allies Renee and Shanaya. Claudia landed on Shanaya who was summarily voted out by Anika and Ty who outvoted Renee.

“I think Ty just pulled off the most poetically vengeful move,” said a teary-eyed Shanaya to Arisa.

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