Alliances struggle for control as the endgame nears

Alliances struggle for control as the endgame nears

MAY 2, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Still reeling from the loss of Shanaya last week, Renee and Claudia are now on the block together as the Girly Pops and the Crown continue to wage war against each other with Ty strategically in the middle of it all.

Anika, the new Head of Household, beat the other houseguests in a balancing competition that took just 17 seconds to play out.

“I’ve just won my first HoH and this was the perfect time because I was on the block twice today! I cannot believe how quick I won and how much everyone else sucked at the competition,” said a jubilant Anika.

“You might have set a world record here, people. This probably was the shortest HoH competition of all time,” joked Ty in the diary room.

As the remaining Crown members met they discussed how Ty might help or hinder their game.

“I cannot believe we are trying to take Ty to the final three,” sighed Daniel. “I do see him with them (the Girly Pops) and it scares me a little because I could go home this week. I am a little worried.”

“Why?” asked Anika.

Daniel said Ty will try to defend Claudia.

“She has been trying to get rid of him,” said Anika.

“At the end of the day, they have a friendship relationship or whatever the heck it is…He probably thinks he has a better chance of making it to the end with Claudia,” Daniel warned.

Ty did his best to try to guide Anika’s hand as he continued to ride the middle between the two alliances.

“The thing is I trust you but I am still a little scared,” said Anika in her meeting with him in the HoH room.

“After me doing what I just did to show you guys that you can trust me? I don’t know what else I can do at this point. We are in the final five. There are only so many times that I can show you,” said Ty.

Ty insisted that Claudia showed him where her true loyalties lie.

“In this game, I have to play with the pair who has my best interest in mind,” said Ty.

Speaking to Anika, Daniel once again expressed his concerns.

“We definitely need to get one of them this week. You are making me nervous about Ty,” said Daniel.

Anika tried to set Daniel at ease by insisting that she would never let Ty use the veto.

“The girl he kisses and sleeps with couldn’t stop him from using it. What makes you think you can stop him?” asked Daniel.

Anika eventually decided on the Girly Pops, Claudia and Renee. Anika told Claudia that during the double eviction Claudia put her game at risk by putting her on the block. Anika explained to Renee that Ty used the veto on her so she had to repay him by keeping him safe.

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