And the evicted houseguests are…

And the evicted houseguests are…

APRIL 1, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – Global TV

It was a “twofer” on this week’s Big Brother Canada eviction show. Two houseguests were voted out which means the jury phase begins next week.

In a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary double eviction it was Tynesa White, the model from Quebec, who was the first to walk out the door.

Tynesa received five eviction votes (Kevin, Marty, Gino, Jacey-Lynne, Haleena) while Moose received four (Betty, Hermon, Josh and Summer).

The second eviction of the evening didn’t follow your typical Big Brother double. There was no HoH competition and no Power of Veto competition either.

In the Chain of Safety twist there were two competitions. The winner of the first picked who they wanted to be safe. That person then went on to select a person they wished to be safe and so on until there were just three houseguests left.

Those three houseguests then competed in the second competition. The winner of that challenge was safe from the vote leaving the other two as the nominees.

Moose won the first Chain of Safety competition and he gave safety to Hermon.

From there the picks went:


That left Gino, Jacey-Lynne and Jess to compete for the second safety.

Jacey-Lynne won the Under Pressure sorting competition effectively putting Jess and Gino on the block.

In the end, the houseguests voted to send Jess home. Haleena and Marty were the only votes for them to stay.

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