And the Week Four Evicted Houseguest is…

And the Week Four Evicted Houseguest is…

MARCH 26, 2021 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Although the vote wasn’t a complete shutout the hockey coach from Alberta has hit the showers for the final time this season.

On the live eviction show it was Kyle Moore who was evicted over Austin Dookwah. Kyle was the target of everyone’s vote except his pal Rohan who voted to save him.

“I think he is going to do well. One of those six just need to win this next HoH. It will be smooth sailing for them. Unfortunately, we kept Kiefer and what are the chances but he pulls out a win. It is the risk we took and he put three people on the block who saved his life,” Kyle said of his best friend in the house to Arisa Cox.

Cox threw the house for a loop when she announced that this week’s HoH would be reminiscent of a certain H. G. Wells novel.

“This week the Head of Household and all of their powers will be invisible. The next HoH will make their nominations in secret,” said Arisa also informing the houseguests that this week’s HoH will compete in the Veto Competition and next week’s HoH Competition.

The Invisible Head of Household competition had the houseguests counting falling rocks. The player whose answer is the closest to the correct and final number of falling rocks without going over will become the new and secret HOH.

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