And the winner is…

MAY 10, 2018 | Posted By: jpowell

And the winner is…

John Powell – GlobalTV

After 69 days of trials and tribulations, Big Brother Canada has its winner.

Paras Atashnak, the law student from Vancouver, British Columbia, beat Kaela Grant to take the crown in Big Brother Canada’s first all-female final two.

Paras received six votes and Kaela only one from the jury.

Derek, Kaela’s showmance, was the sole vote for her to win.

“I cannot put it into words!” said Paras of her win to host Arisa Cox.

“Standing here is such a dream come true!” she continued.

Facing off against Kaela in the final Head of Household competition, Paras won and voted out Derek sending him to the jury.

“What an honour! Thank you, Big Brother for giving me a chance to live out my dream!” shouted a thankful and richer Paras.

Big Brother fans don’t have to wait long to get their fix again. The 20th season of Big Brother USA begins on Global in June.



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