And this week’s evicted houseguest is…

And this week’s evicted houseguest is…

MARCH 17, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – GlobalTV

Big Brother Canada house could be facing a massive backdraft this week.

Gino, the firefighter from Quebec, is the new Head of Household. Gino beat the other houseguests in a higher and lower quiz centered around the shopping wall located in the pantry.

After perhaps the most chaotic Head of Household reign in Big Brother Canada history, Kyle was denied his wish. It was Stephanie, the child and youth worker from Toronto, and not Josh who was evicted. Kyle had nominated Stephanie fearing that she would target him and his allies. He later apologized to her for believing the house gossip. By then, it was too little, too late for Stephanie who was stuck on the block against the mega popular Josh.

Gino and Jacey-Lnne were the only votes for Stephanie to remain in the house and the game.

Stephanie was stunned by her eviction truly believing that her trust in Kyle would pay off.

“There are a bunch of amazing liars in that house! There is something way bigger going on,” said Stephanie in her exit interview with host, producer Arisa Cox.

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