And this week’s evicted houseguest is…

And this week’s evicted houseguest is…

MARCH 16, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

J-M-S is O-U-T.

John Michael Sosa, the project manager from Bradford, has the unfortunate distinction of being the first houseguest evicted this season.

John Michael was voted out unanimously as everyone viewed him as a threat in one way or another to their individual games.

“I probably would have won so…” joked John Michael as he left the house.

In his exit interview John Michael admitted he made some mistakes in the game.

“I did everything I didn’t want to do. I won the first part of the HoH. I tried to start a large alliance. I trusted the wrong person,” he said.

John Michael started the week off strong coming in second in the HoH competition and bonding with Santina. They each promised the other safety in the game. Things went downhill very quickly for John Michael though after he revealed to Santina and Zach that if he won HoH he would target the men’s alliance. That made him a lot of enemies. Once she become HoH Santina rescinded her promise and worked to backdoor John Michael.

“People were genuinely afraid of me and her (Santina) combining forces and running the house,” explained John Michael.

With the Deadlast twist now a memory the houseguests began their hour-long Head of Household competition.

Who will be crowned the new HoH? Stay tuned.

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