Get To Know Arisa Cox

Get To Know Arisa Cox

FEBRUARY 23, 2022 | Posted By: Staff

Arisa Cox is a television host, executive producer, pop-culture personality, writer, and speaker who has enjoyed every moment in her sweet spot as the host of Big Brother Canada. It has earned her two Canadian Screen Award nominations and the respect of fans across Canada for her love of game theory and championing equity in Canadian television.

With a background in the arts and journalism, she began her career as a local TV news reporter in Ottawa at 21. She went on to win a Harry Jerome award for Academics for her achievements at Carleton University. For the next 10 years, Arisa continued her career in television on both sides of the camera. Past highlights include starring in Canada’s first reality TV show, U8TV: The Lofters, hosting E! Canada with shoots and specials around the world, covering arts and entertainment for CBC’s The National, and appearing in the Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock 2.

In 2020, Arisa added an executive producer credit to her list of accolades. As one of the executive producers for Big Brother Canada, Arisa plays a critical role in the storytelling aspects of the hit reality series including key creative input on the show’s real-time storylines, casting and outreach, and increasing BIPOC representation across the board, among others.

Along with hosting Big Brother Canada, Arisa has also covered Survivor for ET Canada in Fiji and LA and has hosted live events including the Canadian Screen Awards Gala, the Banff World Media Festival, and many charity events.

Arisa lives in Toronto with her husband and three children – who teach her the most about valuing all the messy joys of life.

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