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BBCAN7 Awards Recap

BBCAN7 Awards Recap

MAY 7, 2019 | Posted By: Staff

Here’s a look at all the winners from the 7th annual BBCAN Awards.


ADAM AND SAM: Who are they fooling?


CORY IS 29: Cory is shocked to learn the HGs don’t think she’s anywhere close to her actual age.


DANE AND THE BOXES: When boxes attack in the Archive Room.


ANGELICA: Adam gets a new girlfriend.


TACO ARMPITS: Samantha schools the houseguests in the scent of a woman.


KAILYN’S SPEECH: She sees you. Chelsea especially.


SLOP EATING MONTAGE: A look back at the Havenots’ battle with slop.


MAKI IN THE HOH ROOM: Rippin’ it up the HOH dance floor.


KIKI OLG: Kiera could not solve a crossword puzzle to save her life.


DANE FARTS: He can’t stand his own brand.


DAMIEN RAPS: The musician puts his money where his mouth is.


HAVE NOT CLOSING: The house falls for a Havenot prank.


Congrats to all the winners