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BBCAN8 Live Feed Spoilers: Enemies Become Allies?

BBCAN8 Live Feed Spoilers: Enemies Become Allies?

MARCH 20, 2020 | Posted By: jpowell

John Powell –

Kyle and Jamar’s ejections from the game might have made allies out of what were bitter enemies.

Vanessa and Minh-Ly took a moment away from the other houseguests to touch base and seemingly bury the hatchet while in the backyard.

“Honestly, can I be a 100 percent real with you?” asked Minh-Ly opening the conversation by telling Vanessa that she wants them both to go back to where they used to be, to forget about the disagreements they had in the past.

“That is what I was saying,” Vanessa agreed.

“I want people to think that we are not together,” said Minh-Ly.

“I don’t want us to act like we hate each other in the house,” replied Vanessa with a note of concern.

Minh-Ly suggested they just act distant with one another.

“You are my favourite person in the house,” Minh-Ly revealed.

“I told you that too! You are the person I relate to,” laughed Vanessa.

Vanessa and Minh-Ly spoke about not having anything in common with any of the other women in the house except for maybe Carol.

“It takes a lot of energy for me to relate to them. It is not natural,” said Minh-Ly.

“I want this too because I don’t know what Sheldon is going to do,” said Vanessa.

“I just pray that I am safe this week,” said Minh-Ly. “It is obvious that I am alone and you are alone.”

Sheldon is this week’s HoH and will make his nominations for eviction this weekend.

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