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BBCAN8 Live Feed Spoilers: Houseguests Stress Over This Week’s Vote

BBCAN8 Live Feed Spoilers: Houseguests Stress Over This Week’s Vote

MARCH 22, 2020 | Posted By: jpowell

John Powell –

With two houseguests ejected last week and one wanting to be voted out this week, some of the houseguests are unsure about how to precede, who to vote for.

As this week’s HoH, Sheldon nominated Minh-Ly and Carol for eviction. Carol asked to be put on the block and voted out as she has been struggling with wanting to stay in the competition. Many houseguests have had to talk her down and convince her to stay and keep playing.

Vanessa and Susanne are in no hurry to grant Carol’s wish though.

“At this point, I am leave if you want to leave. I am fighting so hard right now. I am sleeping on the floor. I have no food and I want to play this game so bad,” Susanne told Vanessa in the Anime Bedroom on the live feeds.

“I am trying to be empathetic,” Susanne continued.

“Obviously this wasn’t the adventure for her,” said Vanessa.

Susanne suggested they vote out their real target, their mutual enemy Minh-Ly and keep Carol despite what she may want.

“We do have the votes,” said Susanne.

“She would just self-evict,” replied Vanessa.

Vanessa didn’t think they would have the support of the house to send Minh-Ly packing. Susanne explained she would feel bad not honouring Carol’s wishes but she has to think about her game too.

“You are playing the game, Sue. Don’t feel bad for playing the game,” said Vanessa.

Susanne was certain they could get Brooke, Chris and Hira to vote their way.

“I am just worried that we would look like the most evil people,” said Vanessa.

“It would be so perfect to get her out,” said Susanne about Minh-Ly.

“What is the point of being here and not playing?” asked Susanne about Carol.

“There is no convincing her at this point,” replied Vanessa.

Susanne and Vanessa agreed that they have both seen too many allies leave the game and they feel vulnerable at present.

Hira won the Power of Veto today and will decide at Monday’s meeting if he will use it to save either Minh-Ly or Carol.

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