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BBCAN8 Live Feed Spoilers: Misunderstanding Sparks Row

BBCAN8 Live Feed Spoilers: Misunderstanding Sparks Row

MARCH 14, 2020 | Posted By: jpowell

John Powell –

Tensions rose in the Big Brother house as two houseguests clashed over a misunderstanding.

Kyle and Jamar butted heads over Kyle thinking Jamar was down or depressed when he was just being himself. When Kyle told Jamar his mood was making him feel “uncomfortable” it all kicked off.

HoH Sheldon tried to intervene offering his advice.

“Every time you get mad it is ‘whatever’ to me but every time you get mad, I hear it from everybody. Maybe the word isn’t “uncomfortable” but I have said to you, you know these people care when you get mad,” said Sheldon.

“He (Kyle) used the wrong words. He shouldn’t have used those words and he did know you were noticeably upset and you have the right to say to him don’t say that to me if you know I am upset as that is going to make me even more cheesed. He knows that now so if he does it again, that’s on him,” Sheldon told Jamar and Kyle saying he thought the use of the word “uncomfortable” meant that whenever Jamar is upset it affects everyone’s mood, makes everyone concerned about Jamar.

“My face is just my face. I am not always upset. I am sorry that I am not smiling all of the time,” apologized Jamar.

“Anytime you are emotional or people are wrong about perceiving how your emotions are, which is a different issue entirely, it lingers around the house,” said Sheldon.

Jamar said he is confused because he is just walking around the house and people think he is depressed or sad based on his demenour.

“It is how my face is. I am not always upset,” Jamar insisted.

“I wish I hadn’t worded it like that. I am sorry. It just came out like that,” Kyle apologized.

Sheldon explained that not everyone in the house is used to having someone around who is “ultra-real” and wears their emotions on their sleeve like Jamar does.

“I just don’t like the word ‘uncomfortable’. I am a positive guy,” said Jamar as Kyle apologized once again.

The discussion took another turn when Jamar told Kyle that people in the house have said he “desperately” wants Jamar on slop. That coupled with Kyle’s admission that he will say and do anything to win the game has put Jamar on high alert.

“Why the hell should I believe you?” asked Jamar about Kyle’s apology.

“I don’t have to convince you,” answered Kyle.

“You don’t have to or you don’t want to?” asked Jamar.

“Jamar, I do like you. I don’t know what else I have to say. If you don’t believe me, that’s on you,” said Kyle.

HoH Sheldon has nominated Madeline and Rianne for eviction.

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