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BBCAN8 Live Feed Spoilers: Nominee Seeks Strategy Advice

BBCAN8 Live Feed Spoilers: Nominee Seeks Strategy Advice

MARCH 18, 2020 | Posted By: jpowell

John Powell –

One of this week’s nominees is looking for answers and guidance as they face an uncertain future in the house.

Minh-Ly cornered Chris in the storage room today and picked his brain about whether she should campaign or not.

“What do you think about the dynamic in the house?” she asked.

“I don’t know. It depends what is going to happen this week,” Chris answered.

“So, right now, you don’t have an opinion?” she asked.

Chris said he had no idea as so many things are up in the air at present.

“So, you are going to wait until something happens and then you will have an opinion?” said Minh-Ly.

“It still so early in the game. There are 13 people,” Chris replied.

“That’s true but so much has happened,” said Minh-Ly.

“What’s your real question? What do you really want to know?” said Chris.

“Do you think that what I said in my meeting is accurate?” asked Minh-Ly about saying at the meeting that the house needs a balance and she wants to get Kyle out.

“You’ve got to get people to buy into your strategy,” Chris advised.

“Now, I am not really doing anything because I am awaiting the verdict,” said Minh-Ly.

“I think you have to make up your mind with the whole Kyle thing, whether you are going to be with him or against him,” said Chris pointing out the fact that she declared Kyle as her target but then was hanging out with him and joking around a lot yesterday.

“My mind is made up. He makes me laugh but that hasn’t changed anything,” she said.

“Does it make sense to lay low and wait for the verdict?” she asked.

“Wait until we know what’s going to happen and go from there,” said Chris.

“Thanks, coach,” said a happy Minh-Ly as Chris left the storage room.

Minh-Ly and Rianne were nominated by HoH Sheldon. Minh-Ly replaced Madeline who won the Power of Veto and took herself off the block.

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