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BBCAN8 Live Feed Spoilers: Strategy Talk Dominates the House

BBCAN8 Live Feed Spoilers: Strategy Talk Dominates the House

MARCH 23, 2020 | Posted By: jpowell

John Powell –

As this week’s vote looms ever closer, the houseguests find themselves in a quandary about not only who to vote out this week but who to target next week.

Working out in the backyard, Rianne and Hira spoke about who should be nominated.

“I feel it should be Chris or Minh. They would be the easiest ones to put up. Do you want to backdoor Chris?” asked Hira.

“I would put up Vanessa and someone else,” confirmed Rianne.

Rianne said Angie might be a great pawn because even though Rianne likes her as a person she doesn’t talk game with her.

“She’s a pawn,” Hira confirmed.

“She doesn’t bring anything to my table,” said Rianne.

“Just tell her she is a pawn because she is in the middle of everything,” Hira advised.

As they played pool, HoH Sheldon and Susanne were more focused on this week’s vote.

“It is going to be the third week of us trying to do the same thing. It is annoying and I am tired of it,” said Susanne of their desire to vote out Minh-Ly.

“I don’t think she will win HoH but if she does, one of us is leaving,” Sheldon predicted.

“That would rough but I don’t think that’s going to happen,” said Susanne.

Susanne suggested flipping the house and the vote. They should keep Carol and evict Minh-Ly.

“I don’t even think we could do anything even if we wanted to,” grumbled a frustrated Sheldon.

“Can you imagine how epic that would be though as a viewer of the show?” laughed Susanne.

“You are the only person who is socially well-off to make that happen,” said Sheldon.

“Is that a challenge?” asked Susanne.

HoH has nominated both Carol and Minh-Ly for eviction this week.

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