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BBCAN8 Live Feed Spoilers: ‘This is Not the Brady Brunch’ Says Nominee

BBCAN8 Live Feed Spoilers: ‘This is Not the Brady Brunch’ Says Nominee

MARCH 16, 2020 | Posted By: jpowell

John Powell –

According to this week’s replacement nominee the Big Brother house is no place for Mike, Carol and their kids.

Madeline used the Power of Veto to save herself at today’s meeting forcing HoH Sheldon to nominate a houseguest in her place. Sheldon put Minh-Ly on the block.

Minh-Ly and Rianne are the final nominations for the week.

Minh-Ly and Jamar pondered their strategy.

Jamar suggested calling out Kyle in front of everyone.

“You want me to do it?” asked Jamar.

“You are going to do it and blow up my game. You think that is beneficial for my game?” asked Minh-Ly.

“Everyone wants Kyle out but nobody is willing to do anything about it,” said Jamar.

“We have to think before we act,” Minh-Ly advised before the two made out away from prying eyes.

Alone in the Anime Bedroom, Jamar spoke to the cameras as if he were talking to Sheldon.

“What kind of weak ass move is that? Come on, man,” said an angry Jamar complaining that last week he kept Brooke in the house and now Sheldon is turning on his ally Minh-Ly.

“All I’ve got now is to win HoH. I am gunning for that HoH. Nobody is stopping me,” Jamar promised.

Minh-Ly campaigned to Carol, Angie and Hira.

“This is not the Brady Bunch,” said Minh-Ly.

Minh-Ly told Angie that the only reason she put all of her balls in Angie’s tube during the HoH competition was to play into people’s expectations.

“You shouldn’t feel that I am after you. There are bigger fish to fry in this house,” said Minh-Ly to Angie.

Minh-Ly reminded the trio of how the Pretty Boys played last season, running the house and evicting anyone who was on to them.

“In the animal kingdom you need a balance of predators and prey for the ecosystem to thrive. If you keep me I am bold and I am not afraid,” said Minh-Ly.

When Minh-Ly left the backyard, Carol gave her a raspberry and a thumbs down behind her back.

“Bye-Bye-Bye,” laughed Carol singing the chorus to NSYNC’s song.

“She just insulted me. We need her and there are strong players and we are not them?” asked Angie.

“I hope that is the last of the campaigning today,” said Hira.

“Me too, I don’t need to be insulted in her campaigning,” replied Angie as they all bumped fists.

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