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BBCAN8 Live Feeds Must-See Moments</br>&#8211; Week 2

BBCAN8 Live Feeds Must-See Moments
– Week 2

MARCH 18, 2020 | Posted By: Staff


Trust Exercises: The Fake Slap

Minh-Ly and Kyle do some trust exercises by practicing their fake slap on each other.


Your Call is Important to Us – Please Hold

Even when making fake calls, Brooke can’t avoid being put on hold.


No Booze For Sheldon

Sheldon tells Angie and Rianne that he’s not into wine tours and drinking altogether but would be up for a food tour after they leave the BBCAN house.


Minh-Ly’s Weird Dream

Minh-Ly tells John Luke and Maddy about her weird dream involving Sheldon and former BBCAN5 houseguest, Ika Wong.


Chris’ Memory Enhancement

Chris shares his memory enhancement secrets with some ‘method of loci’.


Jamar Gets a Wake-up Call

Jamar struggles to get some shuteye with all the startling loud noises in the BBCAN house.


We’ve Got Pawn Potential

Carol, Vanessa, and Brooke discuss the potential of them becoming pawns.


We’ve Got Pawn Potential

While gushing over the BBCAN boys with Susanne, Brooke reveals she’s got a bit of a crush on Sheldon.