Being a juror matters to light-hearted Moose

Being a juror matters to light-hearted Moose

APRIL 19, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – Global TV

Moose Bendago may have been Big Brother Canada’s resident mischievous clown in the house but as a jury member, he is taking his job very seriously.

“I’m honestly looking for somebody that’s played the game. I want somebody that’s competed in competitions, won competitions. The social aspect of the game is sort of important to me. I think everybody that’s left in the game has had a good social game so I’m not worried about that side of it but the competitions, the amount of things that you’ve won, really matters to me. So, if you’ve gone through this game, kind of sitting back and not really moving forward and not trying to win competitions I am really not going to lean towards voting for you,” he said from the jury house.

In his heart, Moose hopes that Gino can make the finals. Moose believes he has played an “incredible” game. What has impressed Moose the most though is that Gino has won when he needed to win, pulled off those clutch victories.

Who does Moose think will win though?

“Marty has been doing everything in his power to confirm his own security and that’s one of the best things that you can do in the Big Brother house. He’s a competitor through and through. Even though he seems like he’s somebody that’s really chaotic, I think everything that he does is very calculated because he’s such a super fan and understands this game. So, I think Marty is really going to take this whole thing,” Moose predicted saying he and Hermon have been discussing the players and the season at great length in the jury house.

Moose’s time in the house was a true roller coaster ride of highest highs and lowest lows. When it came to HoH reigns Moose just couldn’t catch a break with those in power. Kyle and Gino targeted him while Marty threatened to nominate him often. Moose thinks he has a good idea why that was.

“I honestly think I was targeted because I had a good social game and people saw that as a threat. I was a competitor so putting me up was a chance that I might win a PoV or a competition. At the end of the day, it was one of those things that was messy the first week with Kyle. He threatened to put me up because he really thought that I was somebody that could win the game, which is what he told me before he left,” he said. “I wanted to be a part of the game instead of just sitting in the back seat and watching. So I think all of the targeting was circumstantial but big targets are big players and that’s what I was.”

Both Kyle and Moose knew each other previously before walking into the Big Brother Canada house. They shared some classes and worked on some projects together in university. Moose was stunned that they were closer allies in the house.

“I was shocked when Kyle put me up week three. I think it was the only person that didn’t know they were going on the block this entire season. I was really thoroughly shocked by his decision and he basically burned a really, really big and good bridge for him throughout the entire game. I think the reason he made that decision was because he wanted to prove it to himself that he was willing to make non-personal decisions in the game. He wanted to make a big move by trying to get rid of me and I think that our relationship really could have gone far. We could have played both sides of the house and inevitably maybe won the whole thing if he really wasn’t so trigger-happy during his HoH week. Honestly, I was blown away when he made that decision and then he blew himself out of the game by doing that,” he said.

Looking ahead to this week Moose would like nothing more for Josh to join himself and Hermon in the jury house next.

“He did me dirty. He did my boy Hermon dirty. We both were committed to him and he had us going on back-to-back weeks. It was really a sad thing to see so I laid the Moose curse down on him. If he is next then everybody will know that the Moose curse is real and everybody that did me wrong is just going to be knocked out one by one,” he laughed playfully rubbing his hands together.

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