Big Brother Canada’s All-Time Record Holders and Their Accomplishments

Big Brother Canada’s All-Time Record Holders and Their Accomplishments

FEBRUARY 26, 2021 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

To survive the trials and tribulations of the Big Brother house is an accomplishment in itself. To set a record while doing so is the icing on the cake or maybe not depending on what that record may be. Even though it is the new kid on the block compared to Big Brother USA, the Canadian franchise and its players have already made their mark and are already a part of Big Brother history.

Here our Big Brother Canada’s current record holders and their accomplishments.

Most Time Spent Without Being Nominated (Single Season)

Jillian MacLaughlin: Season 1 – Rated Fourth

Anthony Douglas – Season 7 – Rated Fifth

Jon Pardy – Season 2 – Rated Ninth

Jillian, the very first winner of Big Brother Canada and one of the very best all-around players was never nominated until Day 71 when only she, Gary and Emmett were left in the game. Despite winning four HoHs she was never put on the block. Gary evicted Emmett paving the way for a showdown with Jillian during the finale.

Right behind Jillian is master manipulator Anthony Douglas. Anthony was part of the Pretty Boys, one of the most dominant alliances in Big Brother Canada history. Anthony finally made it to the block on Day 69 when Dane won Head of Household and Anthony and Kyra were the automatic nominees. Anthony finished in second place.

Jon would go on to win the second season and a big part of his success in the game was that he was only nominated on Day 65. He was put on the block alongside Heather by HoH Sabrina. Jon would win the Power of Veto and save himself.

Most Times Nominated (Single Season)

Sabrina Abbate – Season 2 – Rated Third

Brittnee Blair – Season 3 – Rated Fourth

Kyra Shenker – Season 7 – Rated Fifth

Season two’s runner-up is tied with Big Brother USA’s Amy Crews and Donny Thompson for most nominations during a single season. Sabrina was on the block seven times. Of those, Neda put her up twice, Jon nominated her three times and she was Canada’s choice during Week Five when viewers were made the Head of Household for the week.

Both Brittnee and Kyra were nominated seven times. The difference being that Brittnee finished fourth overall and Kyra came in third.

Most Consecutive Times Nominated (Single Season)

Sabrina Abbate – Season 2 – Rated Number One

Sabrina’s next entry is a dubious honour to be sure. Sabraina is tied with Big Brother USA’s Christie Murphy, Sharon Obermueller and Spencer Clawson for being nominated for five weeks in a row. That’s gotta suck.

Most HoH and PoV Wins (Overall)

Kevin Martin – Season 3, Season 5 – Rated Third

Adam Pike – Season 7 – Rated Seventh

Dane Rupert – Season 7 – Rated Seventh

Demetres Giannitsos – Season 5 – Rated Seventh

Nick & Phil Paquette – Season 4 – Rated Seventh

Kevin Martin, the winner of Season 5, has 11 combined victories. During Season 5 he hit the jackpot by winning HoH three times and Veto four times. As part of season three, he won HoH twice and Veto twice.

Demetres, the Paquettes (who played as one player) and Dane, Adam of the Pretty Boys are tied in seventh place with Big Brother USA’s Brendon Villegas, Dan Gheesling, Kaycee Clark, Memphis Garrett and Vanessa Rousso for most main competition victories.

Most HOH Wins

Dane Rupert – Season 7 – Rated Third
Demetres Giannitsos – Season 5 – Rated Third
Kevin Martin – Season 3, Season 5 – Rated Third

This trio of canucks scored five HoH wins each during their respective seasons.

Most POV Wins

Nick & Phil Paquette – Season 4 – Rated Fourth

The dynamic duo from Quebec played as one player and won the PoV four times tying with Jeff Schroeder, John McGuire and Jackson Michie from Big Brother USA.

Most Jury Votes Received

Kevin Martin – Season 5 – Rated Second

He won by a massive landslide pocketing all of the nine jury votes to win over Karen Singbeil. He is tied for second place overall with Big Brother USA’s Lisa Donahue.

Most Eviction Votes Received

Sindy Nguyen – Season 3 and Season 5 – Rated Second
Dallas Cormier – Big Brother Canada 4, Big Brother Canada 5 – Rated Fifth

Poor Sindy and Dallas. Where is the love, I ask you? Combining her two seasons Sind received 26 eviction votes and Dallas got seventeen. Ouch.

Least Jury Votes Received

Karen Singbeil – Season 5 – Rated Number One

KEVIN MAAAAARTIN! Karen lost unanimously to the perpetual thorn in her side, Kevin Martin. She didn’t receive a single jury vote. Karen shares that distinction with USA’s Enzo Palumbo and Memphis Garrett.