Big Brother Canada has its final four

Big Brother Canada has its final four

MAY 4, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Big Brother Canada its finalists. Anika, Claudia, Daniel and Ty have moved on to the final week of the game and the season.

Renee Mior, the law student from Vaughan, Ontario, has became the seventh member of the jury and the second Girly Pop in a row to be sent packing.

Head of Household Anika had nominated Claudia and Renee for eviction. Ty won the Power of Veto and went back on his promise to Anika. He used the power to pull Claudia off the block. Anika found herself having to nominate her closest ally Daniel.

Claudia voted for Daniel to go and Ty voted for Renee. As HoH, Anika was forced to break the tie. She cast the final vote against Renee.

“I offered him an olive branch. That olive branch was indeed burned and then he burned me again. He got rid of my Girly Pop number one and then he got rid of me,” said Renee to executive producer/host Arisa Cox about placing her trust in Ty, which proved to be a fatal mistake.

Tune in next Tuesday to see who is the new Head of Household. Next Wednesday is a special eviction show and Thursday is the two-hour season finale.

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Big Brother Canada airs:

Tuesdays at 7 PM EST
Wednesday at 9 PM EST
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