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Big Brother finalist: The Pretty Boys changed the game

Big Brother finalist: The Pretty Boys changed the game

MAY 10, 2019 | Posted By: jpowell

John Powell –

They dominated the game like very few alliances have in the history of Big Brother. Although Anthony Douglas finished second to his Pretty Boy pal Dane and didn’t garner a single jury vote, he is proud of the legacy of the Pretty Boys.

“The entire game has officially changed. It is not about taking players to the end any more. It is about staying true to your word and being loyal to the people who are loyal to you. Dane could have easily chosen to take Kyra but Dane said to me, in order to be the best you have to beat the best. I played the best social game in the house and Dane wanted to go against me like a true champion. He won like a true champion. That is why I am not salty at all. I am not upset. The game will be forever changed not because of me but what the Pretty Boys have done,” he said.

Approaching the game like international houseguest Tim Dormer did, Anthony mentored the other houseguests gaining their trust as he dropped what they thought were honest pearls of wisdom and he become the private sounding board for so many in the house. Gathering information, getting to know all of the houseguests were the keys to his strategy.

“These people were honest and kind right off the bat. I am very good at reading people and telling what kind of heart somebody has. I wanted to know everything. Who did you date? How was your last relationship? How’s your job? What is your favourite sport? I asked all of these things because all of these questions could help me decide who was going to be loyal and who was going to be disloyal. I used every piece of information to make my decisions,” said Anthony reviewing his strategy.

What Anthony didn’t count on though was the jury not appreciating or recognizing all the work he had put in during the season. Anthony has a good idea why.

“I think there were a lot of discussions about what was really going on in the house. You have to remember who went into the jury house first and who set the tone. Sam knows that I had a lot to do with having them backdoored. Sam has completely forgotten that they were throwing out my name the entire game. Sam was definitely trying to get out Cory. They only realized too late that they could have used me and Cory. She can be as salty as she wants to be but Sam went into that jury house. Cory went into the jury house. They had discussions about what was going on. These are people who were not included in conversations. Sam and Cory were not in the conversations with the Pretty Boys. Damien and Este were not in the conversations with the Pretty Boys. I was the one who sent home Mark. I was the one who sent home Adam. Dane wants to take credit for taking out The Marine? You won the competition but you wouldn’t have been in the finals if it wasn’t for me. I saved Dane twice in that game,” stated a frustrated Anthony.

Possibly his one true rival during the season, Anthony gives Sam credit for the game she played.

“Sam was arguably the second best manipulator in the game. Sam controlled two people a month after she left the game. Think about that for a second. I had to hear about Sam all day long, weeks after she left the house. That is real control. Adam was wrapped around her finger. Adam wore Sam’s Studio and Spa sweatshirt to Cory’s eviction. That was a slap in the face. Adam wants to talk about loyalty but they took out my closest ally,” said Anthony.

When Sam turned against the female alliance she had formed early in the season in favour of teaming up with Adam, that was when Anthony knew could no longer trust her and that mistrust grew all season long.

“I knew after the whole thing with Laura that Sam was a bully. Laura was a good friend of mine in the house. All Laura said was Sam wasn’t in her bed the entire night. Sam took that and was acting all cocky and arrogant when she partnered up with Adam acting like they controlled the house. It was bothering me. I didn’t like Adam sacrificing his game for Sam. This wasn’t personal at all. I love Sam as a person. Sam is a great person. She is very hard working. Outside of the house, I would be a very good friend to Sam. The way she was controlling Chelsea, Kyra and Adam though it was very scary. I knew at a very early stage that if the Pretty Boys were going to stay alive we had to get Sam out,” said Anthony looking back.

As grateful for the success he had with the Pretty Boys, Anthony still wonders how the game might have changed if Laura had stayed.

“I was very salty after what happened with Laura. Laura was a very good person and she would have been a dominant force. Everyone was pointing the finger at Sam though. It wasn’t just me,” he argued.