BBCAN9 Finalists, Breydon White & Tera Gillen-Petrozzi Reflect on Inspiring Others

BBCAN9 Finalists, Breydon White & Tera Gillen-Petrozzi Reflect on Inspiring Others

MAY 7, 2021 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Their personalities were different. Their gameplay was different. Their paths to the finals couldn’t be more different but Tera Gillen-Petrozzi and Breydon White shared a lot of the same ups and downs in the Big Brother house this year. Each lost their closest allies and each had to fight hard to stay in the game and secure their spot in the finals. Inspirational in very different ways, Tera and Breydon opened up about their personal Big Brother journeys.

John Powell: I’m going to be bouncing back between you both so please bear with me. Tera, what a Big Brother journey!  You must be very proud of the grit and determination you showed.

Tera Gillen-Petrozzi: “Thank you! I appreciate that a lot! I honestly came into the game wanting to be competitive. I thought I was going to be better initially and then realized it was a difficult game. When things started lining up it made me feisty and fierce! It just took a little bit of time for me to get there.” (Laughs)


John Powell: Breydon, it seems to me you were really underestimated a lot of the time. What was it like for you to prove those people wrong?

Breydon White: “It felt really good but my strategy going into the game was to kind of downplay my strengths. I think people forgot that I am the same size as Jed and Ty. (Laughs) The fact that they didn’t see that for some reason was a big advantage for me. It felt so good to get those three wins back-to-back. It cemented my position in the game and let the houseguests know that they have been underestimating me.”

John Powell: Breydon, we saw you and Tychon get very close in the final phase of the game. What drew you together?

Breydon White: “I think that we both realized that in order to move forward in this game and to have longevity, we would need to branch out and extend our horizons. We were both underestimated as people who couldn’t win anything. In order for us to make it to the end we needed to work together. We also had a genuine connection and a friendship.”

John Powell: Tera, you spoke about your family back home many times. What do you hope they take from your journey on Big Brother?

Tera Gillen-Petrozzi: “I hope my kids remember to go after their dreams. Do the scary thing and go for it! Always finish what you start and don’t stop fighting until the very end! I just hope that I showed them that if I can do it, you can do it! Always believe in yourself and don’t give up!”

John Powell: Tera, you got very emotional when some in the house claimed you didn’t “deserve” to be there. How did you feel at the time and now thinking back on things?

Tera Gillen-Petrozzi: “It was weird the way that it hit me. I have felt like that in my life before when I thought that I didn’t deserve things. It hit a different chord. Sometimes we are our biggest enemies with the lies we tell in our heads. When I heard it out loud, I absolutely questioned myself. I didn’t know if I deserved to be there. It did shake me in a way that I wasn’t expecting but the important thing is I came back and I proved that I deserved to be there. I made it to final three and there’s something to be said about that.”


John Powell: Breydon, you lost not only you closest ally in Austin but she also was your support system in the house. When that happened, what went into pivoting your game?

Breydon White: “Honestly, it was really, really hard because I knew at that point I hadn’t really been playing the best social game. Yes, I had been chatting with people and getting close but a lot of my time was invested in Austin. Knowing that she was gone, I was scared. I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to because everyone else is paired up. How do I weasel my way in with people who clearly put me on the block? I had to figure out who I could work with. There were some former Oddballs laying around but I also had to wedge my way into the Sunsetters too. I wanted people to know I was a vote and a competitor. I could be an asset to anyone.”

John Powell: Tera, your friendship with Tina was one of the highlights of the season. Why did you bond as well as you did?

Tera Gillen-Petrozzi:  “(Pauses) She is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met my life. I felt like she was super genuine. I don’t even know how it all started but once I started peeling the onion she was my girl and she’ll be my girl until the end of time! She will be one of my best friends forever.”

John Powell: Breydon, what message do you hope that people take from your time in the house?

Breydon White: “That’s something that I really thought about coming into this game. It was knowing that by me being there I would be representing not only myself and my friends and my family but also representing different communities that I stand for so whether that be for minorities or the LGBT community, I would be representing all of them. So, I really hope that by me being there I showed people that it doesn’t matter what you are. What matters is who you are and how you know you carry yourself throughout life. I really hope that the message that I sent was be kind, be caring and things will come to you over time.”

John Powell: Tara, you won your way back into the game through that special competition. Some say you had a second life in the game while other players did not. How would you have argued that in front of the jury?

etrozzi:  “I would have loved to have argued that!”

John Powell: Well, here’s your chance. (Laughs)

Tera Gillen-Petrozzi:  “I wouldn’t have said, yes, I got a second chance but coming in with a second chance after everybody has just stabbed me in the back. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done and it is a different element to make it to the end after people already voted you out once. I had to take things to a higher level when it came to being in survival mode.”

John Powell: Here is a question for the both of you…Would you come back to play in another season, perhaps an All-Stars edition?

Breydon White: “I think I would. I mean, why not? I would have to decompress after this season and reflect on my game but why not? I made a lot of lifelong friends the first time and maybe during a second I wouldn’t finish second.” (Laughs)

John Powell: How about you, Tera? Would you come back and play another season?

Tera Gillen-Petrozzi: “Never say never but…I don’t know. It was really tough and I’m just going to call a spade a spade, I’m getting old. (Laughs) I don’t know. Maybe I would right now. My heart says that was Mama’s one shot but you never know.”