Big Brother Whodunit Begins

Big Brother Whodunit Begins

MARCH 9, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Will it be Claudia, the marketing coordinator, in the parlor with the wrench?

Will it be Roberto, the gym owner, with the dagger in the drawing room?

Will it be Vanessa, the yoga instructor, with the candlestick in the study?

This year, the Big Brother houseguests will all have starring roles in a real-life whodunit full of mystery, intrigue and deception.

On last night’s season 11 premiere, the 16 new victims…I mean players…walked through the doors of the mystifying manor but before they could get settled in…the game was afoot.

Zach, the senior VP of a startup company, and Terrell (Ty), the personal trainer, not only entered the house together but seemingly formed an alliance almost immediately away from the others in the billiards room.

“I should have brought the cigars!” laughed Zach as he and Ty entered the room for the very first time. Meanwhile, Kuzie and Satina were breaking open the champagne in the kitchen downstairs.

“You and me?” asked Zach. Ty shook on the alliance, partnership.

Once everyone was locked inside the manor Big Brother unleashed two big twists. Host, executive producer Arisa Cox announced that no one is being evicted this week. That announcement thrilled the houseguests.

The next announcement? Not so much.

“But, like always, this good news comes with a twist. This is Big Brother after all. Brace yourselves because this season is starting with something called Dead Last. Here’s what that means, if you come in last place in an HoH Competition, you will be automatically nominated for eviction. Like always, the Head of Household will still nominate two houseguests for eviction. This means there will be at least three of you on the block,” said Arisa.

The houseguests then squared off in the first Head of Household competition of the season in pairs. Before heading out, Roberto and Hope laid out their game plan in the storage room.

“We just cannot be last,” Roberto told Hope. “I don’t mind if we don’t win. We don’t want to be the people who put people up the first week. We don’t want that on our backs.”

Hope agreed with the plan of not getting any Big Brother blood on their hands by winning HoH week one.

In Up Around The Hedges, the houseguests had to work together to solve a series of puzzles. The team of John Michael and Santina finished in first place. They will now compete against each other to decide the first Head of Household of the season.

Which team will come in last and who be the first HoH of the season?

Tune into Big Brother Canada tonight to find out.

Big Brother Canada airs:

Tuesdays at 7 PM EST
Wednesday at 9 PM EST
Thursday at 7 PM EST

If you missed it, you can watch the season premiere here.