Big Brother winner outlines their path to victory

Big Brother winner outlines their path to victory

MAY 6, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – Global TV

From the moment he stepped into the Big Brother Canada house until he gave his speech last night on the finale, Kevin Jacobs never stopped playing the Big Brother game. That focus and determination resulted in him being crowned the winner of season ten.

Kevin’s win surprised many people, including Kevin himself.

“I thought I got smacked! I thought Josh was going to kill me in that vote. I thought best case scenario I would get some votes. Maybe Haleena and Jacey-Lynne? I really was surprised to see the way it went because I didn’t play a very visible game but we had a really smart cast and clearly people pieced things together even before Haleena had gone to the jury house,” he said.

As the Ghosts, Haleena and Kevin maneuvered their way through the season playing an aggressive under the radar game in which they avoided being targets but also had some control and influence over those in power. Kevin believes beyond anything else in the game that his relationship, partnership with Haleena was as important as any HoH or Veto.

“It was my biggest advantage to have someone that I could actually trust at that level. It was amazing not only from a game perspective but also from a mental health perspective as living in that house is extremely difficult. We had an alliance in which we would actually have given up our games for each other. That is dangerous in that we were 100 per cent committed and because of that we were able to work together to coach each other to make sure that our lies lined up. By the middle of the game we could be in the same room with someone and not have to communicate, just start manipulating together without discussing it first,” he said.

Kevin readily admits that the biggest flaw in his game was being unable to win competitions when he needed to the most.

“I would have liked to win that final HoH and taken myself to the finals but I couldn’t. I didn’t have the competence. That was a huge weakness in my game and it ended up in some ways being a good thing because Haleena ended up being a bigger threat than me,” he surmised.

In evolving with the game as his allies like Jess fell to the wayside and he having to distance himself from shields like Marty, Kevin says he looked to another player for inspiration on how to work the house on a social and strategic level.

“Jacey-Lynne was really good at picking up the people who she thought didn’t have people in the game. So when she was looking to form a group, she played a huge role in forming the Five and I was one of those people because I diminished my threat level. I made her think she could control me so a lot of that was allowing other people to think I was there only for them,” he said.

Kevin says he diminished his threat level at the beginning of the game by continuing to make the house believe that he wasn’t any kind of obstacle to them or their game.

“I’m here because it’s my quarter life crisis. I’m just a boring dude and this is my adventure. I just stuck to that story for the first few weeks. Being a good listener also helped,” he said.

Kevin wasn’t shy about telling a few lies here and there to advance his game. One of his most notorious was telling everyone he was married, when he wasn’t.

“There were a few layers to that strategy. The first one was that I’m not going to come into a Big Brother Canada house and not lie when I introduced myself. It’s just fun! I knew people would ask me about my profession anyway. So I figured I’m not gonna lie about my job. I need to keep this lie going for 70 days. I have this partner but we’re not married. I only need to slightly adjust to keep the lie going. Also, some people assume that married men are more trustworthy. And finally, people sometimes get into a showmance as people like to flirt. I didn’t want to do any of that. It gave me more of an excuse to not participate in any of that,” he said.

Having been able to sit back and comprehend the scope of what he has accomplished Kevin already has some of the money earmarked for a worthwhile cause.

“I know for sure I’m going to donate some to fighting breast cancer as that’s a cause that’s close to home for me and then hopefully the rest, I’ll just make good decisions and invest it well,” he said.

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