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Big Brother winner vows to make a difference

Big Brother winner vows to make a difference

MAY 10, 2019 | Posted By: jpowell

John Powell –

The Prince of Kelowna still cannot believe he is wearing the Big Brother crown.

“It is so surreal! It is a dream come true! I have been a fan of this show for 20 years. Never did I imagine I would win or even make it into the house. It just all really hasn’t sunk in yet,” Dane Rupert said of his victory last night. Dane won by unanimous vote defeating his Pretty Boy partner Anthony Douglas in the season seven finale.

Dane dedicated his win to his father who committed suicide last year. Dan says he felt his father was with him the entire season giving him strength to push forward.

“Honestly, I went through a very tough time last year. I experienced something that I never would have imagined happening. I knew he was there with me the entire time. At every competition I felt his presence. I know he would be proud of me. I just wanted to do this for him,” he said.

For Dane, the fame and fortune that comes with winning Big Brother are all secondary to the possible good he can do as mental health advocate. Dane has some advice for those who may be in the same situation his father found himself in.

“It is a tricky subject. Like I said, it is okay not to be okay but it is not okay to stay in that mind-set. If anyone out there knows someone who is struggling or is struggling themselves my advice is to speak up and be loud, proud of how you feel. There are people out there who will support you. I wish my father had spoken up sooner than he did. (Pauses) I want to be a big advocate for mental health issues and do as much as I possibly can,” he said.

Dane’s unanimous win is only the second in Big Brother Canada history with Kevin Martin beating Karen Singbeil 9 to 0 at the conclusion of season five and the third in the entire history of the Big Brother franchise in North America with Dan Gheesling’s win over Memphis Garrett being the only unanimous win in the Big Brother USA franchise. Dane remains shocked at the result of jury vote.

John Powell: Were you surprised at the fact that it was a unanimous vote?

Dane Rupert: “I was absolutely shocked! I did some people dirty in that jury house. (Laughs) I knew that Anthony was close to some of the people in that jury house. We are all fans of the game. Bringing Anthony to the finals was very scary. It was shocking to see Anthony get shut out like that but it just goes to show you I played a very good game and people appreciated what I did this season.”

John Powell: You just mentioned taking Anthony over Kyra. How did you come to that risky decision?

Dane Rupert: “That was a big risk and could have cost me a big chunk of change. On Day Two, Anthony and I made a pact. Everyone eventually figured out the Pretty Boys but they didn’t know about the Doug(las) and Dane Show. We swore on my dad’s chain and I promised that if I could, I would bring him to the final two. Our saying all season was “loyalty over money” and I just wanted to prove to him, prove to my former houseguests and to Canada that I am a loyal person. Loyalty goes a long way and money isn’t everything.”

John Powell: I am not sure if you realize it or not but you have set some records in the Big Brother game. You are now tied with Demetres for the most HoH wins in a single season and in overall HoH and PoV wins in a single season, you are tied with Demetres as well as Danielle Donato and Vanessa Rousso of Big Brother USA for third place with seven wins. How do you feel about what you have accomplished?

Dane Rupert: “I am a huge fan of the game. When you are in the house though you kinda forget about those records. I knew I was doing a good job but I had no idea I tied Demetres’ record. There was another big competition beast in the house: Adam Pike. Everyone put the focus on him and I just slid underneath the radar. After Adam was out, I knew it was my time to shine. To get Adam out was really heart-breaking but it was a big move on my part.”

John Powell: This may be a no-brainer but what was your biggest move of the season?

Dane Rupert: “Winning that last HoH and that last PoV and taking out “The Marine” Adam Pike. That was the biggest move of the season. He was the hardest player to get out. He was my brother. It really hurt my heart to get him out. He is as big a fan as I am. He is a fan of the game and he respected my move. There was no way I was winning if he was in the top three.”

John Powell: We saw some surprises revealed on the finale. What shocked you the most?

Dane Rupert: “Man, Damien, my boy! All season long we were wondering what Canada was voting on. We even speculated about who might get Canada’s vote. Nobody expected Damien. Him entering the house and watching Adam and I talk that was shocking. Good for him, though.”

John Powell: What do you think the legacy of the Pretty Boys will be?

Dane Rupert: “I think we changed the game. A lot of alliances form and they didn’t make it as far as we did. It just goes to show you that loyalty is still alive. Seasons to come are going to talk about what we did.”