Claudia: ‘I believed in the game that I played’

Claudia: ‘I believed in the game that I played’

MAY 12, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

The Big Brother game can often be a battle between the heart and the mind. For Claudia, it was a constant war throughout her journey. Whether it was her loyalty to the Girlie Pops or her feelings for Ty, Claudia always found herself in an emotional tug of war.

John Powell: Claudia, congratulations for making it to the final two! How do you feel about your game and the experience?

Claudia Campbell: Oh, my goodness! I will say time and time again that I was not afraid to stand next to Ty at the end of this. I believed in the game that I played and I knew that I played a strong all-around game as far as social strategy and the competitions that I was able to pull out at the end of this experience. Overall, this has been absolutely one of the best experiences of my life! I will cherish every moment of it! It pushed me mentally. It pushed pushed me emotionally and physically. I think I grew a lot as a person through this experience.

John Powell: How do you feel about the vote? Shanaya was your only vote. What do you think tipped the scales in Ty’s favour?

Claudia Campbell: It’s so hard to know what the jury is thinking. People watching have a full picture of what’s going on and we have a small picture of living it but we don’t have a full picture. I didn’t know what the jury was going to think. Some of the votes did surprise me, I won’t lie. But, there’s no hard feelings there. I would have wanted everyone to go into the vote being objective. I wanted everyone to consider our games and not go in there having their minds made up. I think I was able to say the things I wanted to and I think I was able to deliver what I needed to in my speech. I’m proud of that. There’s no hard feelings.

John Powell: Do you regret not taking Daniel? What was the determining factor in that decision?

Claudia Campbell: I don’t think I wanted to stand here and say that I have any regrets in this game. I made those decisions and I stand by them. I was not afraid to stand next to Ty’s resume. At the end of the day, I believed in my game and I believed that I could win against him because I played an all-around good game. There’s no regrets. I don’t want to get caught up in what could have happened. I stand by what I decided to do.

John Powell: During the finale phase of the game you threw your support behind Ty rather than the Girlie Pops? Why?

Claudia Campbell: That was a really tough decision. I wanted to work with the girls and that was such a driving factor in this game for a lot of us, to see girls at the end of this and women taking power in this house.

Ultimately, you have to adapt your game in there…I didn’t see the double eviction going the way that it did and finding myself in that situation. It wasn’t what I intended or wanted or hoped for. I think in that moment I had to make a decision and adapt my game. I felt like with the Girlie Pops I was going to be a big, big target. I felt like with Ty we were going to be a powerhouse duo working together rather than against each other in the house. I thought that him and I together would be able to make it to that final two. Ultimately, I went with that decision. I put my game first above the relationships that I did have and that might have sounded or seemed ruthless to some people but I think it was just my way of surviving in the game.

John Powell: Who was a bigger threat to your game? Renee or Shanaya?

Claudia Campbell: I would say Shanaya because she was so liked in the house. She is an amazing person! She’s so sweet! Everyone saw that and loved her! think that I was always going to be a threat, or someone that they wanted out for that reason…She was a bigger threat to my game.

John Powell: How hard was it to see Renee and Shanaya leave the game?

Claudia Campbell: It was really hard. Hands down, that double eviction was the hardest decision and moment in this game for me. You’ve come into this house and you’re going to meet people that are you’re going to be best friends with. Shanaya is truly like my bestie! Same as Renee! l love them so much! It’s really hard to put your emotions aside in some of these moments and make the decisions that are best for your game but it was really, really hard.

John Powell: Your relationship with Ty as a rocky one. You broke it off due to respect issues and then you guys got back together. Why did you mend those fences?

Claudia Campbell: It’s really hard to navigate a showmance in this game. Getting to know somebody and play this game with somebody is really, really hard. I think we cared about each other so we were trying to play the game together but we had very different approaches to the game and perspectives on the game. For that reason we were battling on being on the same page.

I was going to stick with my girls but I couldn’t separate separate my emotions from my game. I couldn’t be in the showmance but be against him. At that time, I separated from the relationship that we had. I didn’t feel like it was what was best for me in that moment. In the end, we were able to come back together and finish this game but it’s really hard to navigate the whole thing.

John Powell: I know it has been less than 24 hours but do you have any plans for the money?

Claudia Campbell: Oh my gosh! I honestly don’t! I don’t know! I just want to get back home and treat my family, my niece and nephew. Maybe a trip or two? We’ll have to see.