Claudia is on the case

Claudia is on the case

MARCH 9, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

John Powell –

Although the knives are not out quite just yet the Big Brother houseguests are dusting for prints and looking for clues. Alliances and targets are forming.

Before we get into all of that though, with a heavy-heart Erin Brock, the executive producer of Big Brother Canada, made an announcement on tonight’s show.

“I have some news to share with you all. Amal needed to leave the show for personal reasons and for the sake of her privacy we are not going to discuss the specifics,” she said.

Zach spoke for everyone when he replied: “Just let her know that we love her.”

During the On Hedge competition we saw our first Dead Last winner…or is that loser?…of the season and our first HoH was crowned in a challenge that honoured last year’s winner Kevin Jacobs.

Shanaya defeated Renee automatically making her this week’s third nominee.

“I just saved myself from being Dead Last! I am so freaking proud of myself and so relieved,” said Shanaya.

“We are not done yet. Nothing is over,” said a determined Renee.

On the other side of the competition, Santina bested John Michael to become the first Head of Household of the season. It will be interesting to see who she nominates as John Michael had definite targets in mind.

“I think at this point putting anyone on the block is fair game so I need something to happen in the next couple of days…If I win HoH, the guys are going up,” John Michael told Zach and Dan in the storage room. That didn’t sit well with Zach and one wonders if those words will resonate with Zach and perhaps those in Zach’s alliance.

John Michael was unrepentant in the Diary Room though about his decision.

“I am not afraid to make big moves. I will say it to my houseguests. I will say it to Canada. I am here to play and I am here to win!” he said.

John Michael isn’t wrong though in the sense that Zach, Jonathan, Ty and Roberto have become close in such a short period of time although it appears that Zach may be trying to distance himself from that pack of players. That could be because Claudia’s Bromance radar has gone off and she cornered Zach, quizzed him about his relationships with the other guys.

“My fears are coming to fruition. It seems as though the bromance is public knowledge and that is not what I wanted,” said a disappointed Zach in the Diary Room after hearing from Claudia that the house thinks there is a bro alliance forming because they hang out with each other so much and so often.

“Zach, I don’t know. I feel like there is more to this story. You are not telling me everything,” Claudia said in the Diary Room of her conversation with Zach.

Like Canada’s own Miss Marple, Claudia has her suspicions and has amassed her evidence but is it enough to convince Santina to nominate Zach, Jonathan, Ty or Roberto?

Stay tuned.

In case you missed the season premiere, you can stream it here.

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