Enemies become friends and friends become enemies

Enemies become friends and friends become enemies

APRIL 25, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

As the endgame draws near the atmosphere in the Big Brother house is changing and the alliances are shifting. Renee winning Head of Household this week has caused several players to reconsider their core coalitions.

“I knew I could do it! I knew I had it in me! I just needed the right competition to perform in,” said a jubilant Renee of her big win after being on the block four times this season.

Immediately both Ty and Daniel thought they would be in danger.

“This is the worst case scenario. She is the only person in the house who I don’t know where their head is at. I am shaking in my boots once again,” said Daniel.

“I am just taking it week by week, competition by competition and making sure I get my wins and not relying on anyone else to get them for me,” explained Ty.

What Renee and Kuzie don’t know is that Daniel, Anika, Claudia and Shanaya are thinking of teaming up and turning on their alliances with them.

“The four of us are starting to realize that these two girls (Renee and Kuzie) have a great shot at the final two and maybe it is our best bet is to come together now,” commented Daniel in the diary room.

“I just want it to be the four of us so bad,” said Shanaya to Claudia, Daniel and Anika. “We just have different kind of approaches.”

“I would love to see this as a four because we have played similar games. This is all starting to make sense,” chimed in Claudia.

“We were all looked at as underdogs. We were all underestimated. We have all proven ourselves through different avenues that we are playing the game,” continued Shanaya.

“This is the best case scenario for all of us,” replied Daniel.

Daniel and Anika had their separate discussion about Kuzie later on.

“She keeps seeing us talking without her,” Daniel told Anika warning her to be careful not to reveal their real thoughts to Kuzie.

“This is what I get Canada for blindly trusting someone. I am not going to be fooled. I am going to keep my guard up. Our friends are our enemies. Our enemies are our friends. Who would have thought this?” said Anika.

On the other side of the house, Shanaya and Claudia were wondering what to do.

“The more I talk to Renee the more I feel bad. Are you setting ourselves up for a disaster?” asked Shanaya saying that if they are standing with Renee in the end, Renee will win.

“She knows this game. She is smart,” answered Claudia.

Claudia told Shanaya that she already turned on Ty so she has essentially already crossed that line. She insisted Renee would still be friends with them outside of the game.

Shanaya and Claudia lived up to her word though and tried her best to push Renee to nominate Kuzie. At the nomination ceremony though Renee eventually landed on Anika and Ty as her nominations.

She praised Ty for being a competition beast and was curious to see if Anika could showcase her strength in the Power of Veto competition.

“It shouldn’t be me on the block beside Ty. It should be Kuzie beside Ty. She is a bigger threat and someone who lies. She is playing a bad game and I see through her lies,” said Anika in the diary room.

“I am here to compete and not complain,” said Ty eyeing his fourth veto win.

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