Erica respects the move but not the lies

APRIL 13, 2018 | Posted By: jpowell

Erica respects the move but not the lies

John Powell – GlobalTV

She is already being called the Janelle (Pierzina) of Big Brother Canada. An intense competitor from the very beginning, Erica Hill won HoH and the Power of Veto twice. Like Janelle, she couldn’t and wouldn’t dial down her gameplay so in turn she could never shake that target on her back. During her exit last night Erica had a few choice words for Daela. After decompressing, Erica is now able to put things in perspective.

“Honestly, I don’t feel any way about Derek. I don’t think he has a hand in much of anything. As far as Kaela goes, I think this is the move she had to make. I respect the move as a player to another player but I don’t respect how she went about it. I don’t respect her lying to my face seconds before. That whole element where she wanted the blindside so badly, that I don’t particularly respect just because we played different games. After that twist, if you didn’t backdoor me you weren’t playing a very intelligent game in my opinion. I cannot hold it against Kaela that she took that shot,” she said.

Although Daela is one of the biggest targets in the house they remain in the game virtually unscathed. Which begs the question if everyone is aware of the transparent power couple why isn’t anyone targeting them? Erica explains.

“I think everybody is scared. I think there is an element of fear running though many of the floaters. For me, I thought they were a good shield because everyone came into the HoH room and named them as their top target. It is why I didn’t want to get rid of them just yet. Liv and Ali, same thing. They are being used as shields. I will love to see what happens if a floater gets power and has to draw a line in the sand. I hope they surprise me and end up making a big move because I think it is necessary or they are going to get picked off one at a time,” she said as she addressed her fury over being evicted in the way that she was.

John Powell: When you were voted you had a very strong reaction. Some say Big Brother is “just a game” but I am sure you can attest to the fact that it isn’t as simple as that especially when human relationships are involved.

Erica Hill: “I was one of those people who thought it is just a game, I am not here to make friends, all of those things you say while you sit on the couch. Then, you get in the house and that is your family so I understand that had to happen but had she come to me in the pantry and said: ‘Erica, I have no choice. I need to take this shot as you are too strong a competitor.’ I would have never reacted the way that I did but to be constantly lied to throughout the season up until the point you are sitting on that chair it is just so disheartening. This is your family. They are the only people who have been there for you. The betrayal cuts deeper than you anticipate sitting on the couch watching.”

John Powell: Were you surprised that Canada saved Ryan over Will?

Erica Hill: “I was not surprised at all. Ryan is the epitome of why this series came back in the first place. He has been watching every single season since the first season of Big Brother USA and every single season of Canada. He is the definition of a superfan. I think Canada sees that and respects that. Canada roots for the underdog. I was rooting for him as well. I am proud of him because he wants to be there, he is playing, he is doing his best and he is not shying away from making moves and talking game unlike some of the other individuals in the house. I respect his game.”

John Powell: Ryan and Johnny were your allies. What do you think they need to do in order to progress in the game?

Erica Hill: “It is hard to say but I don’t think there is a lot of trust left with many of the individuals. A lot of bridges have been burned. My advice to Ryan or Johnny would be to keep winning, just keep winning. Will might be a good person to align themselves with. If Johnny and Ryan could stick together that would be their best bet because they are huge targets and they have been since the beginning and they will continue to be. If they get a shot they have to take it. I learned that.”

John Powell: How do you think a strong and aggressive player like yourself can survive a house of flippers and floaters?

Erica Hill: “I honestly don’t know if I have any advice. It varies season to season. Maybe my tactics and gameplay might have worked in another season but without that twist I would still be in the house. Who knows what would have happened? As a strong competitor it is just very important to never stop grinding. You cannot take a break as your target is not going to get smaller. Once your guns are blazing, keep them hot throughout the entire season. I would also say make sure you are adaptable. The game changes at a drop of a hat. It is important not to be too set in your own ways.”

John Powell: As you heard on last night’s show, jury starts next week. You are going home to a wonderful partner and a great support system. Would you rather have made jury or are you happier to go home to your loved ones?

Erica Hill: “It is bittersweet. One on hand, I really do want to have a say in the outcome of the season. At the same time, one of the reasons I am able to sit here and be so happy and confident about my time spent in the house, aside from the gameplay which made me proud, is because I get to go home to an incredible support system that loves me unconditionally and that will be proud of me. Now I get to watch the rest of the season as a fan which is also very cool.”

John Powell: Well, I will let you cast that jury vote now. Who is playing the best game and who is playing the worst game?

Erica Hill: “I will try not to look at it from a sentimental and emotional point of view but I think Johnny is playing an incredible game. He is doing an amazing job. After last night, I am surprised by Kaela as well. She has got more up her sleeves I am sure but if I had a vote, Johnny would be it. And worst game? I would probably say…Oh, man. That is a tough one. I would say Maddy or Paras. They are the epitome of flip-floppers. They refuse to take a side, they run to power. It is a game strategy that is clearly effective because they are still there and I am not but it is not the type of game that I respect.”

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