Week Two Evicted Houseguest: ‘Anthony is a snake charmer’

MARCH 21, 2024 | Posted By: jpowell

Week Two Evicted Houseguest: ‘Anthony is a snake charmer’

By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

As Donna Marshall knows all too well, with allies like hers she really didn’t need enemies. Although the 26-year-old artist from Nova Scotia was a part of several alliances not many of her allies showed up when she really needed them.

Donna was voted out on last night’s live eviction show by a voted of seven to three. Only her ride-or-die Bayleigh, Dinis and Todd voted for her to stay. With her game now at an end Donna let us in on why she was targeted and how well she thinks the Big Sister alliance will do now that she is gone.

John Powell: Donna, it is great to speak to you today. How are you feeling today after everything that happened last night?

Donna Marshall: Honestly, I am feeling relieved that what’s done is done. The dust has settled. I am feeling a lot better than opposed to yesterday when I got blindsided and evicted.

John Powell: Looking back at your time in the house who do you hold responsible for what’s happened to you?

Donna Marshall: Honestly, myself. I should have put it all together. Maybe I can’t trust Spicy V as much as I think? We would always have these conversations and I’m talking BIG names. How is it that those discussions are always getting leaked to Anthony? I should have put two and two together. Maybe they are closer than we think they are…That’s a regret on my part.

John Powell: You campaigned hard to the people you thought you could sway to your side and you managed to bring in three votes. In the end, why do you think more didn’t support you?

Donna Marshall: Honestly, it was so early in the game that a big player like myself was put up on the block against a “pawn star”. I can’t convince anyone to take me off the block. If I was in their shoes I know this is the only time to take a player like me out. You have to go for it…I campaigned hard because Canada didn’t want to see me roll over and die. It was like giving a dog a bone though. Get her out! Get her out! (Laughs)

John Powell: So you think it was a matter of you being an “easy out” for the house?

Donna Marshall: Yes. That’s what I was campaigning to them. I was like: Do you not see where I’m at? Did you expect me to be here? Well, guess what, next week, if “Goose” (Elijah) is still in this game, you’re going to be where I’m at. I’m a target. Anyone who goes against “Goose” is an easy target. He’s an HoH’s dream! Put it together! Think about the long game not just week by week.

John Powell: In your opinion why are the houseguests playing the short game and not the long game in there?

Donna Marshall: If anything, I’d have to say they’re thinking short term. They’re thinking week by week and they’re not thinking down the road. Who is going to be left? We should be taking these people out first, not saving them for later when numbers get smaller and you don’t have the numbers to get them out anymore.

It’s like “Goose” and me. I am a threat right now but if I’m loyal to my alliance, they should be supporting me. I’m not going to put you guys on the block. I can even save you when it comes to you against the last person at jury. I’m telling you that right to your face! You should be looking at your personal game and keeping me in! If you’re up against “Goose” you’re going home. The point I was trying to get across was if you do not take him out NOW he’s going to be THEIR problem. I’ll be gone but their going to deal with him when I was advocating that they save me and get him out! I’ll help you!

It’s just frustrating! Sorry, I think that just came out a little bit. I was transported back to that car conversation. (Laughs)


John Powell: Don’t apologize. That is what this is for. To get all those feelings out. Now, when veterans enter a game like Survivor or Big Brother many times they are immediate targets and easy outs. For example, Russell Hantz tried his hand at Australian Survivor and as a recognized, veteran American player he was immediately voted out. Why do you think the “newbies” aren’t targeting Anthony and Spicy V?

Donna Marshall: Easy. It’s because Anthony is a snake charmer. I don’t know what he does. He talks and people just go into a trance. They’re hypnotized. (Laughs)

I’ve tried it in the beginning. I don’t trust this guy. I need to get them out then I have one conversation with him and I’m like, wait, what? What did I go in there for again? (Laughs)

I felt good with Anthony and that was a problem. I really started to realize he needs to go sooner rather than later because anyone I’m trying to work with they’re hypnotized by him, too.

I don’t know. People were too starstruck and they didn’t think that they were equals to these two all-stars that came in. That’s what I think kind of blew apart my game because I knew I was not going to put myself down a level. I am an equal to these people and I can take them out. I think they sensed that and knew I was a problem.

John Powell: Spicy V expressed genuine regret for nominating you. If you had stayed in the game would you have forgiven her and worked with her?

Donna Marshall: Yes, I meant what I said. I would have forgiven her and I would worked with her because out of that group, that alliance, I was closest with her and Bayleigh. Those were my two girls. Kayla was kind of there but if anything, Kayla and I were close at the beginning and kind of drifted…I would have literally forgiven Spicy V. I would have worked with her and she should have kept me until jury if she was going to snip me. She sent me home way too early.

John Powell: What is going on with the alliances in there? People seem to be turning on them or talking of turning on them here and there?

Donna Marshall: I don’t know. There must be other alliances they are loyal to. If people are turning on an alliance then that is not their priority group. There must be another group that they’re working for because anyone that’s watching this game knows you need numbers. If you’re turning on your own alliance this early, you’re stupid. I’m sorry but look at the game. There’s probably a bigger alliance that’s calling the shots.

John Powell: You seemed to have a decent perception of the game and strategy. Who do you think is playing a terrible game at this time?

Donna Marshall: Vivek is on a sinking ship. He should have saved me because I did have his back. I was cheering for him at the POV. I didn’t want him to go home. He gets off the block and I have to campaign. I was now in his shoes. Did he not know how he felt like with the house turning on him? I didn’t like his game because I couldn’t count on him.

John Powell: What was your relationship with Todd in the house like?

Donna Marshall: I love all of those people as people in the East Coast Alliance! I like Todd! I didn’t trust him with valuable information and not to slip up in conversation though. I love you, Todd! But, you let it slip that we were close. I loved him as a person and would only talk personal with him in the house. I’ve got his back if he’s out there and I’ll vouch for him but I’m not giving him information. I’ll just keep that to myself.

John Powell: Who are you pulling for to win and why?

Donna Marshall: The people that tried to save me! They stuck to their word when they knew the whole house would look at them as targets if I couldn’t pull off the six-four vote that I needed. They just showed me they were super loyal to me and they’re really good people. I connected with them so hard. I really hope Todd, Bayleigh or Dinis wins the game and I will be so proud of them if they do.

John Powell: Speaking of that vote. It wasn’t unanimous. You did manage to sway some people and must be proud of how you played and campaigned.

Donna Marshall: If anything, I think it was me stepping out of game mode with people and knowing when to just be personal. Dinis and I, we were a slow burner friendship. We would literally joke that anytime we were in a room trying to talk game. We were like two cats snuffing each other out and forming a relationship.

John Powell: How do you think Big Sister will do now that they evicted you?

Donna Marshall: I think they got rid of one of their biggest strategists. There’s nobody there to man the ship and…there’s an iceberg ahead! They might be on a sinking ship to say the least and eventually there’s going to be some leak but if anything, they got rid of me. They wanted me out. So, maybe I was the jagged piece of the puzzle and maybe they’ll do well, I don’t know.

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