Evicted houseguest confused by allies but grateful for the opportunity

Evicted houseguest confused by allies but grateful for the opportunity

MARCH 25, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – Global TV

Following a nightmare Head of Household reign Kyle Moore, the podcaster from Nova Scotia, thought his allies would have his back so he could repair the damage that was done.

No dice. Gino put Kyle on the block as an easy out, a house target. Marty, Gino and Jacey-Lynne also made themselves scarce to protect their own games. Kyle was unanimously voted out last night.

“It is a really interesting dynamic because from a game standpoint I kind of love Gino’s move. It was the right move for his game. When you have an opportunity to make somebody that ‘social pariah’, ‘target number one’ for the whole house, everybody buys in because it means safety for everybody. He had to look at his entire game as a marathon not a sprint,” said Kyle of Gino’s HoH.

Kyle hopes they can still be friends outside of the house.

“From a personal level it’s tough because obviously that was my ride or die. That was my number two. That was my final two. He was my boy and one of the nicest human beings I’ve ever met. He is a fantastic guy. I can’t wait to be friends with them outside of the house but that part, being nominated by him, really sucked,” he said.

Kyle readily admits his HoH damaged his status in the game to the point that there were alliances that couldn’t be salvaged. He was equally worried about his personal relationships though.

“I thought it was really important to let the other houseguests know the reasons that I made the decisions that I did, just so that they were able to judge for themselves whether they thought the decisions were appropriate, given the climate of the house,” he said. “There were a lot of people who felt rubbed the wrong way on a personal level by that week so I wanted to make sure that I made amends because there’s game and there’s personal and if I’m ever rubbing anybody the wrong way personally then I want to make sure that’s patched up.”

Now being able to sit back and critique his own game Kyle believes his downfall was due to him only listening to the people within his social sphere and not casting a wider net for opinions, insights and advice that he easily could have as HoH.

“I really limited myself in terms of the voices that I listened to. When I found myself in a position of power everything was kind of in shambles in terms of alliances and it was a rocky terrain for sure. I didn’t know who I could trust in my alliances. I didn’t really know where people stood. I didn’t know what deals people had already made. I listened to the voices I trusted. I had this pre-established level of trust with Moose that didn’t have to be earned because of the fact that we knew each other outside of the game. Marty was somebody who I had this immense trust with because of the New Brunswick connection and just the fact that we connect on a really great personal level. I really zoned in on those two voices. I limited myself to two perspectives essentially and so that was my complete downfall. I just put myself in a bit of a box in terms of the information that I was using to make decisions,” Kyle confessed.

Although Kyle and Moose attended the same program in university, had no classes together but worked on some productions together as acquaintances, Kyle still was unsure about Moose as an ally. He felt he had to test Moose’s level of trust and faith in him which is why he named him to Stephanie as one of the people who said she cannot be trusted. The situation heated up far more quickly than Kyle anticipated though.

“I dropped Moose’s name on purpose because I wanted to see how Moose handled the situation. I thought the confrontation would happen eventually but I was like: ‘Oh my God, here we go! I’m gonna have to really make this work.’ I knew what were lies and what was the truth with Moose and I just saw how he brought stuff down from Stephanie screaming at him to Stephanie hugging him and apologizing in a span of three minutes. He twisted words, lied and manipulated so well I realized I have to reevaluate a lot of the information that he had given me,” Kyle recalled.

Now that he is able to watch the game play out from the comfort of his couch Kyle is pulling for a Gino, Jacey-Lynne, Jessica or Josh to win it all. The person who has intrigued him the most though is Kevin. Kevin’s gameplay on every level had Kyle scratching his head often inside the house.

“I think that Kevin is a human smokescreen. The guy’s an absolute question mark personified and I think that people will see how dangerous he is within the next few weeks. I can see Kevin being established as a really significant threat in the house. I see Kevin possibly finding himself in some hot water,” Kyle predicted.

To even have the chance to appear on Big Brother was a massive accomplishment for Kyle as a mental health advocate even though he didn’t win the game. When he hit “absolute rock bottom” at 16-years-old and then 20, he never would have dreamed that he would get through those times in his life and achieve what he has since then.

“At 23-years-old, I have been able to step onto this platform in front of the nation and say that I love who I am. I’m happy about the man that I’ve become. I’m so proud of that 20-year-old and 16-year-old who grinded through those tough times so that I could have an experience like this. That was really special to me. The biggest thing that I’ve always tried to do with my work is be somebody who my younger self could have used,” he said proudly.

  • You can listen to Kyle’s mental health podcast, Life’s a Wreck, here.
  • You can also find mental health resources at the Government of Canada’s site here and another list of great organizations and resources can be found here.