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Evicted houseguest hopes a Pretty Boy is next

Evicted houseguest hopes a Pretty Boy is next

APRIL 12, 2019 | Posted By: jpowell

John Powell –

The first member of this season’s jury is making no bones about who they want to follow them to the jury house next week.

“I would love to see Anthony walk in behind me because he has been sitting pretty in this game. He has been playing a great social game though. Anthony thinks whatever he says is the way to go and I would love to see someone like that walk in behind me to knock him down a few notches,” said Samantha Picco the beauty salon owner from Newfoundland.

Regarding her eviction last night, Samantha has plenty of blame to spread around, including pinning some of it on herself.

“You know what? I would probably blame it on everyone who is left in that house right now. I think there was a bigger picture there. Even though I didn’t fess up to being part of that backdoor plan it was going to get pinned on me any way. The plan was to get me out of the house. I blame everybody! I also blame myself, ultimately,” she said.

Samantha’s sometimes stormy relationship with her Big Brother beau Adam weighs heavily on her mind as she heads off to the jury house alone leaving him back in the house and back in the game.

John Powell: How honest do you believe Adam was with you in the game?

Samantha Picco: “I think about 50 per cent of the time. I know Adam is working really hard in that house and he was mainly focused on his game. I played with my heart and Adam has that great balance of playing with his head and his heart. As much as I would like to think everything was truthful, it is Big Brother. You have to expect the unexpected.”

John Powell: Adam confronted you earlier this week about throwing him under the bus during your pitch to Cory. Looking back, how do you feel about that situation as a whole?

Samantha Picco: “I think Adam sometimes reacts before he thinks. There was a bigger plan there. I am sure Adam was part it or maybe he was playing a role in having to act upset or maybe he did feel like I threw him under the bus. The thing is he quickly got over it. At the end of the day, I don’t think he is worried about it.”

John Powell: Speaking of Adam, What made you fall for him so hard?

Samantha Picco: “One factor is that we are both from the same place. We are both from Newfoundland. Just having that connection right away definitely kick-started it. Adam is not necessarily someone I would go for. I know he is very attractive but it takes a little bit more for me. I tend to focus on what’s inside, someone’s head and their heart. Adam surprised me! He has a big heart and he is very smart. All of those things combined and I completely fell for him.”

John Powell: So, is it fair to say you wish to pursue a relationship with him outside of the house and does your or Adam’s gameplay present any worries for you as you move forward?

Samantha Picco: “The game is the game. I can set that aside. Initially I might be a little bit frustrated with how some things went down or the things I didn’t know about but I think our desire to see what happens outside of the house is stronger than any deceit or dishonesty that happened in the house. He may have a different answer but I am definitely interested in seeing how we can deal with the challenges in the real world. If it works out, it works out. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”

John Powell: Do you think your relationship with Adam hampered your game, helped your game or was it a bit of both?

Samantha Picco: “It was a bit of both. Having someone in the game that you can trust more than others can take you far in the game. So, for me it was a combination of both.

John Powell: During your HoH why didn’t you target what most people assumed was a dominant male alliance in the house?

Samantha Picco: “I think you are absolutely right in saying that. They are definitely the biggest threat. Timing is everything though in the Big Brother house. I really didn’t feel that if I put Dane on the block he would have stayed there. He would have taken himself off. I could have backdoored him but I didn’t feel the numbers were there at the time, John. It didn’t feel like it was the right thing for me to do considering the backlash I had to deal with going into the next HoH and not being able to play. That move would have put me at risk. Here I am sitting here though. Maybe I should have taken a big shot at that time but in the moment, in that house, I didn’t feel like it was the right move.”

John Powell: Up until this week, you and Cory had a decent relationship. What do you think made her flip on you?

Samantha Picco: “Cory’s bond with Anthony was stronger than the bond I had with her. That makes sense to me. My gut did warn me to watch out for Cory. Cory is a beast. Cory wants to play with the boys. She saw me as a threat as the rest of the house did. She took her shot and I am out. I was a part of that backdoor plan. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t something that I seriously considered. Outside of that, I think Anthony wanted me out of the game early on.”

John Powell: At present, who do you think is playing the best game and who do you think is playing the worst?

Samantha Picco: “I really think that Dane is playing a great game. Dane is able to manipulate everyone. He has got everyone doing his dirty work. He is just killing it. I think Dane is a phenomenal player. I think he will go all the way to the end. I don’t want to say Kyra is playing a bad game because I think Kyra is very, very smart. I think Este has done a very good job of riding the coat-tails of power but I think it will bite her in the butt. Damien might feel safer in the game, more than he actually is. If there is a men’s alliance that is as strong as I think it is, the guys are going to go after Kyra and Este next. Mark is floating around too. Mark is just trying to find his way.”

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