Evicted Houseguest will vote for an ‘honest winner’

Evicted Houseguest will vote for an ‘honest winner’

MAY 11, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell-

Unfortunately, there won’t be any capital gains for Anika Mysha, the investment banker from Saskatchewan. Head of Household Ty nominated Claudia and Daniel for eviction this week. Claudia won the Power of Veto and saved herself. That forced Ty to nominate Anika in Claudia’s place. Claudia was the sole vote to evict and sent Anika to the jury house.

Although Anika won’t be part of the final three she will have a say in who wins this season of Big Brother Canada and she indeed has a lot to say on the matter.

John Powell: Anika, how are you today? Great to be talking to you!

Anika Mysha: I’m good! Thanks!

John Powell: What was it like to navigate your way through such a cutthroat game?

Anika Mysha: It was very interesting to say the least. I had lots of ups and downs. But you know what? Everything made the experience so great and I wouldn’t change a single thing.

John Powell: Did you ever find it hard to separate the game from the personal relationships?

Anika Mysha: I personally don’t think I ever had that problem. Near the end there were some trust issues and some betrayals. I think for the most part I could keep my emotions in check and I strictly thought of game when making all the decisions that I did. I think overall, yes, I kept the personal relationships aside and I think strictly game for every decision that I had to make.

John Powell: Did Ty ever say or speak to you about why he nominated Claudia?

Anika Mysha: I did have a brief conversation with him after nominations. Before the nominations he did tell me he was going to put up Claudia and Daniel and he was going to leave me out. After the nominations I did kind of ask him what his thought process was. He said he wanted to even out the nominations because I had already been on the block three times. Plus, Claudia nominated him. Was that the REAL reason? I highly doubt it. I think I know why he did what he did but that’s the reason that he’s he gave me.

John Powell: Why do you think he did what he did?

Anika Mysha: It was so he would be the good guy in our eyes. I’m sure he probably had a deal with Claudia to use the veto on her and he would be her hero once again. I think that’s kind of where his head was at. He was kind of playing both sides by keeping me off.

John Powell: You and Kuzie seemed so close a lot of the time in your house. What drove you apart near the end?

Anika Mysha: For the most part me Kuzie wasn’t my final two but she was close. I was supporting her and all the decisions. I fought for her but then when the time came like during like Ty’s HoH. She wasn’t being 100 per cent genuine. She was doing a lot of things behind mine and Daniel’s backs even though she is supposed to be part of a trio. I noticed that her movements felt weird. I would see she was having conversations and I was hearing a few different things so that kind of broke my trust. At that point I was doubting her. That’s why I had to protect myself and Daniel and that’s why I did what I did to make sure that me and Daniel were safe.

John Powell: What caused the downfall of the Crown?

Anika Mysha: The PoVs played a crucial role in the downfall of the Crown. It just happened because when you have two Crown members on the block that’s going to cause a rift. It came down to the competitions and also betrayal from Kuzie. I felt she put me and Daniel at risk.

John Powell: You won perhaps the quickest HoH competition in Big Brother history. Are you still shocked?

Anika Mysha: I was very shocked! I had to put all my eggs in the social game basket but winning the competition was a highlight for me. I feel like I wish it went for longer because I knew I could have stayed balanced for way longer. I knew I could go longer but it’s still a win! It was a very, very good moment for me especially at the end of the game.

John Powell: Who do you hope follows you into the jury house and why?

Anika Mysha: I really hope Claudia follows me into the jury house. As much as I also don’t like Ty’s game and I don’t want him to win, he did fight to stay and won a million competitions. I have lost count how many he has won! (laughs) He is a survivor. He is not good at the social game. His social game essentially does not exist. All he has are his competitions. He does deserve a win a little more than Claudia. I hope Claudia comes right behind me. I don’t think she deserves to be in the top two. I love her as a person but when it comes to the game side of things, I don’t respect the game she played.

John Powell: What are some of the qualities you are looking for in a winner?

Anika Mysha: I am looking for a rounded player but what I would like to see in a winner is someone who played an honest game. You are here to play a game but I want to see someone who stayed true to themselves.

The two-hour final of Big Brother Canada airs tonight from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm ET on Global Television.

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