Evicted houseguest: ‘I just wanted to be myself’

Evicted houseguest: ‘I just wanted to be myself’

APRIL 21, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

He was truly one of a kind. There certainly will never be another houseguest like Hope Agbolosoo. He played the game, lived in the Big Brother house like nobody before ever did or probably ever will. We checked in with Hope before he headed off to the jury house and he gave us the low down on that infamous letter, who was his true ride or die and his plans after the show is over…which includes a life jacket and some bait, apparently.

John Powell: Hey, Hope! It’s great to be talking to you today. How are you feeling despite everything?

Hope Agbolosoo: What’s up, my man? I feel great! I got to be on Big Brother Canada! How can I complain about that? (laughs)

John Powell: Were you a fan of the show before you applied?

Hope Agbolosoo: No, I was never a fan before. I just knew the name. I didn’t really know about the dynamics and aspects of the show.

John Powell: I am not sure if you know but…(whispers)…One of the main objectives of the Big Brother game is not to be nominated as that is one step closer to leaving the game. Why did you volunteer to go on the block so many times, putting yourself and your game in danger?

Hope Agbolosoo: Believe it or not, I truly believe the block is the safest place to be. But listen, hear me out, okay? When you are on the block you get information people will not tell you if you weren’t on the block. When you’re on the block, human beings are compassionate people. They feel your pain a little bit.

So, when I put myself on a block I went with the whole storyline: I didn’t want to be around. I miss my family. I felt more connected with people and I felt like after my first time volunteering to be on the block everybody in the house was literally with me. I knew that if anybody got HoH they wouldn’t put me up. I truly felt like being on the block was the safest place to be. I was able to build connections, alliances with people that I never thought I’d connect with. Plus, I wanted to come on to his show to do what no one has ever done before! Not only did I do it once! Not only did I do it twice! But, three times! I am a block star!

John Powell: How did you feel about holding the library door shut on Shanaya, Claudia and Renee?

Hope Agbolosoo: I did it once! I would do it again! When I shut that door and I let Ty and Santina in, I really wanted that group to come together and settle their differences but for some reason it created even more of a divide.

My intentions of shutting the door was so that group could come together, work together and move forward. My target was the girls moving forward. They were a powerful trio. At that point of the game, numbers matter. I am not much of a fan but even I know that! Why take out Santina and Ty when we could bring them in? If you can’t beat them just join them! I shut the door on the three girls too so they will knew exactly how I felt when they put me and Johnny up on the block. I wanted them to know exactly how I felt. I did it once and I would do it again.

John Powell: You said you would put other’s games before your own. Why was that the case?

Hope Agbolosoo: In this game favours are everything. When you know people owe you things they will repay you later on. I’m not gonna lie, in the second week I knew that Dan was going to be a big threat. I went on the block so he would owe me later. I wanted to build a team. I just never got the time. You might think you have all the time in the world but you don’t. Kuzie, when I put myself on the block for her, look how that turned out. She trusted me…She truly believed that she could trust me and she was loyal to me because I put myself up for her. No one would ever do that…I just wanted to be myself and leave my mark on the show. I truly hope I did.

John Powell: Of everyone in the house who was your true ‘ride or die’?

Hope Agbolosoo: I wanted to connect the Crown and Santina together. That was my ideal world. I tried to do it but everybody in the Crown did not like Santina. They truly believed that after first week when she won HoH she was running the house. She had this attitude and this aura around her that people didn’t really appreciate. So, every member in the Crown did not like her and did not want to work with her. In my world, I would love to bring Santina into the Crown. I feel like we could have went all the way! When it came to my heart and who I wanted to take all the way it was always the members of the Crown though.

John Powell: Going back to the letter, why did you keep it secret for so long?

Hope Agbolosoo: After I found the letter, when I read the letter, it reminded me everything that I have at home right now…That letter was a constant reminder that I have family back at home. I’ve loved that they are watching me. So it was hard but it just reminded me to just be me, you know?

John Powell: Did you find it hard to play such a cutthroat game?

Hope Agbolosoo: Coming into the house I wanted to be myself. The whole point of me being there was my constant pursuit of self-improvement. Anything I can do to add value to who I am and who I’m trying to become, I’m doing it! Big Brother was the perfect opportunity! I came into this game and I wanted to leave my mark. My big end goal wasn’t to win everything. My angle was to leave my mark and I’m not gonna lie, I think I did just that. (laughs) I wanted to add different elements to the game. I wanted to add things that fans have never seen before making sure I left my own way, came in my own way and kind of just played every competition my own way.

John Powell: Do you feel betrayed by The Crown? They did keep Kuzie over you.

Hope Agbolosoo: No. I did not feel betrayed at all. The Crown is Kuzie. The Crown was designed and made for Kuzie. When it came time after the PoV, when Claudia put Kuzie next to me, I knew right away it was my time. I’m grateful and happy with my time on this show. I had a great time.

John Powell: As a member of the jury you have a very important job. You have a say in who wins this season. You did say that any member of The Crown has your vote. Is that a done deal? Can anyone else convince you that they deserve the win and how can they do so?

Hope Agbolosoo: No, absolutely not. The Crown is so unique. I think it’s a group that has never been done before. Look at the members of the Crown. This is the most diverse group you will ever see. We have Anika from Bangladesh. We have Kuzie from Zimbabwe. We had Daniel who is literally standing for something that people have been fighting for, for so long. We had Jonathan from Newfoundland. I’ve never met anybody from Newfoundland! They’re amazing people! And me from Ghana! These are people would never cross paths ever. I truly believe that any one of those members in my heart, deserves my vote and I’d give it to them in a heartbeat. If two of them are standing up there with Kuzie though, I got to give it to Queen Kuzie!

John Powell: Who do you hope follows you into the jury house and why?

Hope Agbolosoo: You hear that? Is that Claudia? Is that Claudia coming in? Yes! That is who I want behind me. (laughs)

John Powell: Why is that Hope?

Hope Agbolosoo: Every time I looked at that girl not once did my radar go off. At the time she was in a showmance with Ty so I never felt the need to connect with her or talk game with her. If I’m with Ty I don’t need to talk to her because they’re a unit. But, she played the game. She is very underrated. She used the showmance to protect her and when didn’t need him any more, she let Ty go. Now, she’s playing her game. She got her two girls behind her. I truly believe they’re the most powerful trio in the game right now and if the Crown doesn’t watch out they could really take this game by surprise.

John Powell: Why do you think you and Jonathan became so close and what did it mean to have a friend like that in the game?

Hope Agbolosoo: Oh, Johnny. I am going to cry. You are going to make me cry.

Never in a million years would we ever have crossed paths. Thank you, Big Brother for bringing Jon into my life! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. My whole life, I’ve met amazing people and everything but everybody always had an agenda. Everybody always had something they needed from me. Jonathan is the first person I met where I was able to talk to him and just be me with without him seeking anything from me. We talked about our lives. How he grew up and how I grew up. How he was brought up and how I was brought up. We talked about our special ladies. We talked about his son and my brother and how they are the same age. We talked about basketball. How he and I love basketball and how we can bring those two passions together after the show. I’m so thankful that Big Brother brought us together!

John Powell: This may be a no-brainer but do you and Jonathan plan on keeping in touch after the game?

Hope Agbolosoo: Right after this show, I am coming to Newfoundland! I have to go and check it out because he hyped it up! I am going to go on a fishing trip with that man!

John Powell: Hold on! Hold on! You, Hope, are going to go fishing? I would pay to see that!

Hope Agbolosoo: Let’s go! Let’s do it!

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