Week 8 Evictee, Jedson Tavernier: ‘I’m Not Going to Be a Bitter Juror’

Week 8 Evictee, Jedson Tavernier: ‘I’m Not Going to Be a Bitter Juror’

APRIL 27, 2021 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

He suffered one of the most vicious betrayals in Big Brother history. Jedson Tavernier’s entire alliance turned against him capitalizing on his controversial decision not to use the Power of Veto on himself. Chatting with us from the jury house, Jedson has put the past and the treachery behind him and perhaps most surprisingly doesn’t hold any ill will towards any of his former Trio allies.

John Powell: Who do you think is responsible for your eviction?

Jedson Tavernier: Kiefer.

John Powell: And why is that?

Jedson Tavernier : “I think he was hurt that I put him on the block and I think he orchestrated the plan to  have me use the veto on Beth. He kept me on the block and vulnerable. He was ultimately a swing vote to evict me too.”


John Powell: Speaking of the veto, do you regret not using the video on yourself and what was your reasoning behind why you saved Beth instead of yourself?

Jedson Tavernier : “First of all, I definitely don’t regret not using it on myself. I would have used it in the way that I did in most scenarios just because of the situation I was in. Basically, Tara had given me two options that week and they were to use it on myself and she would put the Tychon up ultimately meaning that my alliance would be broken up or I could use it on Beth and she would put up Breydon. We would have the votes to evict him and keep our alliance together. So, for me it was a no-brainer. I am a loyal to the soil kind of guy. I wanted to keep the squad together.”

John Powell: Knowing what you know now would you have done anything differently this week?

Jedson Tavernier : “I mean, it’s easy to say that I would not have used the veto on Beth. I would have used it on myself knowing what I know now but obviously in that moment I had no idea what was going on behind the scenes. To me, it was the cut and dried decision to keep my alliance together so it’s hard to say now but in the moment it was the decision that I wanted to make.”

John Powell:  We all saw you get really close to Beth in the house but also when you were waiting to play in the battle back competition Tara gave you some valuable information. How do you see Beth now as a person and as a player?

Jedson Tavernier : “The information has no effect on how I see better the person. Our relationship was and is much deeper than the game. We had genuine conversations and it’s definitely a relationship that I’ll have way beyond the house. It had absolutely no effect on my personal relationship with her. On a game level, I knew that she was getting dragged for not doing anything in the game and having me dictate most of her decisions. That is not the case though. She made a lot of decisions for herself so I do understand why she would be teetering between keeping me and getting rid of me. I respect that on a game level and it has no effect on how I see her as a person.”

John Powell: Turning to another relationship, we saw you and Tychon in the house as more like siblings or even brothers. What do you think of how he played this week and does that affect your view of him as a person or player as well?

Jedson Tavernier : (Pauses) “Obviously, it was tough and it was heartbreaking. My loyalty to him was clearly stronger than his was to me but I knew that he also was very intimidated by me and my resume. He knew that he couldn’t beat me in the end and he knew that he couldn’t beat me in the many competitions as we saw throughout the entire season. He had to take that shot if he had any chance of winning. I do again respect it on a game level. I knew it was a decision he had to make and he would have been dumb to leave me in the game because I would have gotten him out before he got me.”

“On a personal level, what happened has no effect. Our relationship is super deep. Tychon and I have had similar upbringings. We have taken similar paths and we talked about a lot of stuff in that house. We were really there for each other. On the outside we’re going to be best friends. We’re probably going to live together. We are probably going to get ourselves a dog. (Laughs) It is all game. I have respect for him and I wish the best for him in the game.”

John Powell: As s member of the jury you have an important decision to make. What qualities are you looking for in a winner? Will how you were voted out play into any of that?

Jedson Tavernier : “Honestly, I said I was never going to be an emotional player. I’m not going to be an emotional juror. I’m not going to be a bitter juror. My decision will be solely objective. It won’t be based on who I like more. It’s going to be determined by who played the best game, who was willing to make big moves, who performed well under pressure and honestly, loyalty will play into it. I am going to look at the entire game when it comes to social, competitions and their relationships as well.”


John Powell: Who do you think is playing the best game right now and who do you think is not doing so well?

Jedson Tavernier : “Best  game by far is Kiefer. He’s played an all-around great game. He has competition wins. He’s played the middle to perfection, better than I’ve seen in a long time. He was good with everybody. That’s why I put him on the block. (Laughs) He was good with every single person in that house and I knew he’d be a threat. He’s really good at playing on emotions, talking to people and making them kind of sympathize with him and hence the reason he didn’t go home on my HoH. I think he’s playing a really good game. He’s very smart. He orchestrated the plan to use my loyalty and my trust against me so good on him. I think if he’s in the end he has to have my vote.”

“When it comes to worst game, it’s hard to say.  I think everyone’s played a decent game but worst in the pool right now? It would be Breydon as he floated through the majority of this game. He hasn’t really made any big moves at all. He’s been a part of alliances that overshadowed him and I think he just been running to power a bit. I would like to see him make some moves, get a win and put some big targets on the block. That’s the only way so build a resume good enough to win at this point.”

John Powell: Who do you hope follows you into the jury house this week and why?

Jedson Tavernier : (Laughs) “Oh, it has to be my boy, Tychon! I would love to see him! (Laughs) I would laugh right in his face if he showed up here! We are both basketball players. We both know what it’s like to be competitive. I would love to see him here just to goof on him. It would be funny and also some karma payback in that situation. That is just the petty side of me saying that though.”


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