Week 4 BBCAN9 Evictee, Kyle Moore: ‘Jedson and Tychon Got the Best of Me’

Week 4 BBCAN9 Evictee, Kyle Moore: ‘Jedson and Tychon Got the Best of Me’

MARCH 26, 2021 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Kyle Moore, the hockey coach from Alberta, fanned on his shot to win the Big Brother grand prize. Now that he is out of the house he shared with us his honest feelings about his game and the other houseguests.

John Powell: You and Rohan connected on a very personal level. What brought you two together as friends?

Kyle Moore: “Honestly, as funny as it sounds, Josh kind of brought us together. He wanted to work with both of us and he threw us under the bus with the Pretty Boys 2.0. It just brought us closer. We started bonding on that day and started talking about our personal lives. Then, it got into a lot of game talk and he’s an unreal dude that I’m going to be friends with forever now.”


John Powell: Did any of your coaching skills help you in the Big Brother house? Why or why not?

Kyle Moore: “I think my whole life with hockey and now coaching, leadership has been a big quality that I’ve had. Going into the Big Brother house I wanted to just be a strong presence and show that I can direct people in a certain way. I feel like hockey did prepare me for the experience.”

John Powell: Do you regret confronting Kiefer the way that you and Rohan did?

Kyle Moore:  “Oh, this is going to be the most asked question, I think. When I look back on it I don’t think it’s going to end up being that bad. I think Kiefer kind of played the victim card really well and blew it out of proportion a lot. So looking back on a game level, yes, we probably would do it differently. I tried to not have any regrets. I think what we said was valid because people were making up lies about us and we were just trying to get to the bottom of it. Maybe it was bad timing and the wrong person. He just took it too personally and it got blown out of proportion.”

John Powell: Latoya intervened in that discussion and she accused you of lying and manipulating people on a grand scale. What did you think of her accusations?

Kyle Moore: “When that was happening I was actually so confused about what she was talking about. At that point in the game I don’t think I had done anything. I don’t think I’d thrown anybody’s name out. So when she was screaming at me I was just kind of sitting there thinking like…How? When? Why? What are you talking about?…I was just super confused. I don’t know if she believed what other people were telling her or she could have been just making it up on the spot.”

John Powell: Who do you think betrayed you the most?

Kyle Moore: “I don’t know if anyone really betrayed me. I know Kiefer early on in the game wanted to work with me and Rohan and it was pretty clear and obvious to us that he was playing both sides right away. So I guess if you want to look at that as betraying I mean, he came to us wanting to propose an alliance, came up with a name and then kind of went behind our backs. If I had to pick one, I’d say him.”

John Powell: Why couldn’t you and Latoya get along and what do you think about her as a player and a person?

Kyle Moore: “You know what? At the end of the day, it is a game. We’re all there for the same reason. I just don’t think you’re meant to like everyone. You’re not going to love everyone you meet when you get thrown in a house with 13 other people. Our personalities just clashed a little bit. She liked to ‘keep it real’, I guess. I mean, I didn’t apparently. It’s like I said, we’re all in this together and it is what it is.”

John Powell: Latoya had mentioned that the biggest reason she couldn’t trust you was because you wanted to target the women in the house and she probably would be the first on your list. Is that true?

Kyle Moore: “I have no idea. You know, I want to watch this series back to see when this targeting the women in the house happened and who made it up. I’m guessing it was Jedson and Tychon who came up with this little scheme and Latoya just bought into it. She would be going on the block though if I had won HoH.  She was just someone I could not see eye to eye with and someone who was spreading lies about me but no, I was not going after the women in the house.”

John Powell: Who do you think is the most untrustworthy houseguest at present and why?

Kyle Moore: “I think the most untrustworthy person right now is a tie between Jedson, Tychon, Kiefer and Beth. I just cannot trust them on a game level at all. I tried to suck up my pride and have conversations with them. I tried to make them think that I trust them and I don’t know if they completely bought that me and Rohan did trust what they were saying but not once did we think that if any of those for won that we wouldn’t be on the block.”

John Powell: If you would have won HoH who would you have targeted and why?

Kyle Moore: “If I won HoH Jedson and Tychon would be sitting on the block. At the end of the day, it was a smart game move for them to get rid of me. I thought I made some valid points to them in my last ditch pitch and also in my pitch for Victoria to be the replacement nomination. It made sense for Kiefer. Honestly, I think he’s playing a really stupid and emotional game but Jedson and Tychon got the best of me.”

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