Evicted Houseguest: ‘Kyle used me as a pawn’

Evicted Houseguest: ‘Kyle used me as a pawn’

MARCH 18, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – GlobalTV

Stephanie Patterson, the child and youth worker from Toronto, is pointing her finger at one and one person only for her Big Brother demise and that’s last week’s Head of Household: Kyle.

“I blame Kyle because we were working together. He did not need to put me up. When he pulled me into the HoH room I debunked every reason that he had and he still chose to put me up. He could have put someone else up instead if he trusted me as much as he said did,” she said. “There was zero truth behind the rumours. I would have been 100 per cent loyal to Kyle. I never would put him up. He was not on my radar whatsoever.”

Stephanie is glad though that her two best friends in the house, Gino and Jacey-Lynne, stood by her side and voted for her to stay.

“That definitely made me feel good to know that at least two people who said they were going to vote for me, voted to keep me in the house. That made me happy,” she said with a smile.

Kyle’s HoH truly was a disaster on every front hurting both his strategic and social games. He surprisingly and remarkably turned his back on many of his own allies, players who did have faith in him and trust him before he rose to power. Stephanie feels that she was an innocent bystander who was swept up and caught up in Kyle’s tumultuous reign.

“I think the best word to describe it is chaotic. It was two days that felt like 10 years. Every 20 minutes it was…Kyle, are you sure? Kyle, is this still happening? What are we doing? He didn’t even know what he was doing. It was chaotic, messy and emotionally driven,” said Stephanie of the week that was in the Big Brother house.

Perhaps the most turbulent part of the week was the confrontation between Stephanie and Moose. In his HoH conversation with Stephanie, Kyle named Moose as one of the people who said he couldn’t and shouldn’t trust Stephanie. That led to Stephanie calling Moose into the HoH room to explain himself and a heated discussion between the two. Looking back at what transpired Stephanie firmly believes Kyle deliberately set Moose up.

“I do think Moose was telling the truth because Moose told me all along that he thought there’s people who I could trust and people who I shouldn’t be trusting,” she said. “I do think Moose was being genuine with me. I think Kyle did set it up because he wanted to see how well Moose could talk his way out of a situation. Kyle used me as a pawn in the big chess game he wanted to play, a game that didn’t turn out the way he wanted.”

Looking back at her own game, Stephanie wishes she could have been more cutthroat, more ruthless, more manipulative but that isn’t the person she is.

“I wanted to be forthcoming. I wanted to be a ‘face value player’. I wanted to be very honest and call things out as I saw them, which I did. I wanted to be true to my core values. I don’t think I could have played a different game than I did and still be Stephanie,” she said.

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