Evicted houseguest proud of the difference they made

Evicted houseguest proud of the difference they made

MARCH 11, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – GlobalTV

Jay Northcott, the theatre director from Toronto, may no longer be in the hunt for the grand prize of $100,000 but they are glad to have left a lasting impression on their fellow houseguests and Canada.

“I very much feel like I was able to give my houseguests a piece of me, show them who I am on a non-game level. We were creating something that’s so beautiful and amazing and hopefully it was also a great experience for families and friends who were watching,” said Jay of sharing the Smudging ceremony with their fellow houseguests.

As shown on the last episode, the Indigenous Smudging ceremony consists of burning the sacred medicines: tobacco, sage, cedar and sweet grass. It is thought that the smoke generated heals the mind, heart and body when wafted over a person by hand or with an eagle feather. It is also believed the ashes of the fire absorb any negativity a person has.

“We can’t change our past and we never will but we can learn from it and grow from it. So, let us take these moments to connect with each other and create a better Canada for everyone,” said Jay of their outlook on life and their Big Brother experience.

From the moment he won Head of Household, Marty had Jay in his sights as his target and made no secret about his intentions. Marty told all of the houseguests that he wanted to work with Jay, offered them an “olive branch” and that move was never reciprocated. Although Jay tried to broker a deal with Marty, there was no getting through to him which frustrated Jay.

“I thought it was just like a shifty little weird move. I thought he was shifty and weird. I have no idea why I was his target this week. I think everybody in the house was really, really surprised,” said Jay also stating that they thought Marty let the power of being HoH go to his head.

This year perhaps more than any other there are many solo players in the house who have declared they are playing “independent games”. They haven’t officially joined any large alliances but are relying on the smaller, individual bonds they have made and general goodwill of the house to get them through this phase of the game. Jay doesn’t see the game ending well for those people stating it was very hard working with them.

“I just found that it was always like pushing against a brick wall. Every time I tried to connect with people, they had ulterior motives or they were very worried,” Jay said of trying to corral those they trusted into a larger alliance.

Now out of the Big Brother house Jay is returning to their creative theatre work which includes a new project coming up with a theater for young black artists in Canada.

“I love education! They’re almost like masterclasses! I hope to be able to be doing drag in the (Gay) Village a little bit. I have fun doing that. Catch me on social media at jaythemcott,” said Jay inviting fans to follow them and their next big adventure.

Although their Big Brother journey is over for the time being, Jay is content with their experience.

“I think I played a very honest game. I’m really proud of what I got to accomplish in the house. I wouldn’t change anything except…maybe Josh picking the other door,” they said smiling.

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