Week 5 BBCAN9 Evictee, Austin Dookwah: Rates the Invisible HOH

Week 5 BBCAN9 Evictee, Austin Dookwah: Rates the Invisible HOH

APRIL 2, 2021 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

The Invisible HoH has vanished into thin air and so has Austin Dookwah’s chances of winning the Big Brother game. With Austin gone, a power couple has also been disbanded in the game. What does the realtor and model from Newmarket think about Breydon’s chances now that her alliance with him is no more? She let us know in this exclusive interview.

John Powell: You said to Breydon that if you knew then what you know now your HoH would have been very different? Can you explain how?

Austin Dookwah: “I would have put up Jedson and Tychon and broken up that duo and eventually a trio before it became what it became.”

John Powell: Who do you think is the most untrustworthy houseguest and why?

Austin Dookwah: “I think that the most untrustworthy houseguest would be Victoria or Kiefer because they play both sides of the house and they spill information to both sides of the house so they are really hard to trust in this game.”


John Powell: Going back in time, you and Josh shared some fireworks during the house meeting. In it, you denied some strategic details and told Josh you felt betrayed by him. How do you see things now and what did you think of Josh and his gameplay?

Austin Dookwah: “Josh tried to pin something on me and that is the reason that his game blew up. I definitely did not appreciate what happened and I wasn’t going to let him smear my name in the house. I do think he had valid points. I do think that he was very observant so I will give him that a 100 percent but at the time it just really wasn’t something I could risk having in the game.”

John Powell: You and Breydon seemed to be off on an island for the better part of the game. Was there any thought to expanding your alliance?

Austin Dookwah: “Breydon and I tried to expand the alliance but people just left us out of the loop for whatever reason. We felt like we could only trust each other and we were hoping that maybe the house would let us skate by for a little while.”

John Powell: How would you rate the Invisible HoH’s nominations and strategy this week?

Austin Dookwah: “I would rate them a two out of ten. I don’t think it was the right move. I would have personally broken up the Jed, Ty and Beth alliance before moving on to me and Breydon.”

John Powell: If you had won the power who would you have nominated?

Austin Dookwah: “I would have nominated Jed and Ty.”

John Powell: If there hadn’t been an Invisible HoH who do you think would have been the targets this week?

Austin Dookwah:  “I think potentially it would’ve been Tina and Tera on the block.”

John Powell: Were you surprised by Kiefer’s nomination and what did it tell you about your relationship with him?

Austin Dookwah: “I wasn’t surprised but I definitely knew that I couldn’t trust Kiefer and when he put me on the block after giving me his word it just reaffirmed that fact.”

John Powell: If you would survive this week who would you have teamed up with and who would you have targeted?

Austin Dookwah: “I would have teamed up with Rohan and still had Tina and Tera’s back and I would have targeted that trio of Jed, Ty and Beth.”

John Powell: What do you think was the fatal flaw in your game?

Austin Dookwah:  “It was trying to align with people who didn’t necessarily want to align with me. I thought I was on the ‘in’ with them but I very quickly realized that they didn’t have my best interest in mind.”

John Powell: You and Braden became really close in the house. What do you think drew you together as friends?

Austin Dookwah:  “I instantly was drawn to Breydon as a person. He has a vibrant personality. He is so, so funny. We just had a lot of interests in common. We could really be ourselves around each other and the friendship just kept growing and growing.”

John Powell:  How do you think Breydon will survive in the house without you and has he discussed a plan with you?

Austin Dookwah:  “I think Braden will flourish in that house. I think he has a strong social game that he can play and he’s a strong competitor. I think he’ll be safe for the next few weeks at least that’s what I hope. I told him play up that social game and play up the fact that he just lost his best friend and he’s on island. Hopefully people aren’t looking at him as the next big target.”

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