Week 9 Evictee, Beth Bieda, Regrets Voting Out Ally

Week 9 Evictee, Beth Bieda, Regrets Voting Out Ally

APRIL 30, 2021 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Beth “The Bus Driver” Bieda is parked in the jury house for now. The second member of the Trio alliance to be voted out of the game, Beth played one of the most cutthroat, boldest and relentless games ever seen on Big Brother Canada. Together again with Jedson in the jury house Beth let us know not only if she has any regrets about how she played but what it is like being reunited with Jedson.

John Powell: Have you are time to speak to Jedson in the jury house? How did things go?

Beth Bieda: “I have spoken with Jed and it went just as I expected. He is not bitter. He knows I needed to do what I needed to do. He knew I was there to play a game and we’re good from here on out.”

John Powell:  Do you wish to pursue a relationship with Jedson outside the house?

Beth Bieda: “I really wish to pursue a relationship with Jedson. I really hope we can.”


John Powell: What was your biggest mistake in the game?

Beth Bieda: “The biggest mistake I made was not convincing Jed that it was best for us to vote Kiefer out. Kiefer should have gone home on Jed’s HoH.”

John Powell:  The houseguests referred to you as “Bus Driver” Beth. Do you think that is a fair or unfair nickname to be given?

Beth Bieda: (Laughs) “I don’t even know that means. I’ll take it if they think that I was running that house, absolutely. I had a lot of say, I had a lot of influence in that game.”

John Powell:  Who do you hope follows you into the jury house and why?

Beth Bieda: “I hope that Tychon follows me because his ego is getting the best of him.”


John Powell: Who is playing the best game and who is playing the worst?

Beth Bieda: “Kiefer is playing the absolute best game. I hope he wins Brother Canada. The worst game? Unfortunately, I would say Tychon. We did play this whole game together but he hasn’t stepped it up the way that the other three players have.”

John Powell:  As a juror member what are you looking for in a winner?

Beth Bieda: “I’m looking for someone who has fought tooth and nail to be there the entire time and never took their foot off the gas, ever.”

John Powell: You voted Jedson out of the house after he used the veto to save you. Why did you pick that moment, that stage of the game to turn on Judson with Tychon? How hard was it for you to do that?

Beth Bieda: “We picked that moment because there were so little time left in the game. Neither Tychon nor myself knew when we would get an opportunity to vote him out. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in the game and in life. It is definitely a regret too.”

John Powell: You regret voting out Jedson?

Beth Bieda: “I do. I thought I had myself set up for when Jedson left with the other players but I underestimated how close everybody was. Tychon and Breydon had a huge bond. Tychon and Kiefer had a final two. This was all stuff I did not know about. So, if Jedson stayed around I think I could have had a better chance on making it further.”


John Powell:  Do you think to Tychon is a floater? Why or why not?

Beth Bieda: (Laughs) “Oh, he’s not a floater but he was shielded the whole game. He definitely needs to make some big moves if he wants to win this game. He did have a lot of influence in that house with me and Jed for sure.”

John Powell: What was it like working with Jedson and Tychon in the Trio?

Beth Bieda: “It was the best thing in the game. I absolutely love working with them. They are going to be friends of mine for the rest of my life and we made some awesome decisions in that game. They were things I couldn’t have decided or done without them by my side. I loved playing game with them. “

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