Evicted houseguest: ‘They’re just floaters to me’

Evicted houseguest: ‘They’re just floaters to me’

APRIL 19, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Santina Carlson’s Big Brother flame has been snuffed out. The former Invisible HoH was devoured by the Fatal Feast twist, lost the Too Hot to Candle safety competition and now is on the outside looking in when it comes to the Big Brother game. However, Santina is looking forward to the finale not only to cast her vote for the winner of this season but to perhaps spill some very, very hot tea.

John Powell: Hey, Santina. It is great to be speaking to you. Despite everything, making the jury and having a say in who’s declared the winner might be a great feeling.

Santina Carlson: It is an amazing feeling, yes!

John Powell: You went from Canada rewarding you with immunity to be taken out by a twist. You have had time to decompress now. What are thoughts on everything that happened?

Santina Carlson: I think that I overall played a good game. I knew that with the Chain of Safety I possibly would be going up on the block. I knew I was a competitor and I knew that eventually whoever had the power would take a shot to take me out.

John Powell: What were your thoughts when it was revealed Ty won safety and it would be you versus Renee on the block? What was your campaign strategy?

Santina Carlson: I didn’t really have a campaign strategy because I knew I would be going home. (laughs)  I think I was just very emotional in the sense that I just wanted to be there no matter what. But, as bad as I wanted to be there, I probably made more of a target on my back.

John Powell: You aren’t one to mince your words. Can we expect some fireworks at the finale?

Santina Carlson: Probably, it depends on who is sitting there. (laughs) I will probably address some things. I don’t really hold back, as we have seen. (laughs)

John Powell: How hard was it to keep the Invisible HoH a secret and do you think those suspicions played a role in your demise?

Santina Carlson: No, I don’t think that it was hard for me to keep a secret. I’m very good at keeping a secret. (laughs) I think that it did put a little bit more of a target on my back because I knew that the house did suspect me to be the HoH. I’m was okay with that though.

John Powell: Do you regret nominating Ty and all the fallout as Invisible HoH? How would you have done things differently or would you have?

Santina Carlson: Oh, I do not regret nominating Ty at all. I didn’t know though that it was going to play out like it did. However, Dan was my original target and I did get them out so I was happy.

John Powell: As Invisible HoH you couldn’t really strategize with people as you normally would. What was your strategy and what would be your advice to future players who might find themselves as the Invisible HoH?

Santina Carlson: So my strategy was just to do what I wanted and to get out those targets that I wanted to get out and not miss my shot. I think that what I could share is just to stay strong to your word and who you are and try your best to just keep yourself safe. Do what you have to do and say what you got to say because it’s a tough game in that house.

John Powell: What were your thoughts when you were approached about a women’s alliance?

Santina Carlson: It wasn’t something I was quite into. I knew the girls weren’t very competitive and I needed some competitive players on my side.

John Powell: I’m going to give you a little ‘get back’. Who do you hope follows you into the jury house and why?

Santina Carlson: I hope that all three girls, Renee, Claudia and Shanaya, end up in here because they’re just floaters to me and I want to see a big person win this game.

John Powell: For some players the game continues in the jury house. Will it for you?

Santina Carlson: Right now I’m trying to just relax and decompress my feelings but I do have a lot to think about when it comes to choosing who I want to see win the season.

John Powell: Based on what you have seen in the house, who is playing the best and worst games?

Santina Carlson: So I think that Renee could be possibly playing the worst game. That girl is all over the house. (laughs) Kuzie is playing the best game I’ve seen yet in the Big Brother house this season…besides myself, of course. (laughs) She’s smart. She really takes her time to think about what she’s going to do and I respect her for that.

John Powell: As a member of the jury you have a very important job. You have a say in who wins this season. What are the some of the attributes that you’re looking for when you’re going to pick a winner?

Santina Carlson: So, it really depends on who’s in that final two but someone who has been playing the game since Day One. Someone who is not afraid to make moves and put targets on the block and go against the other houseguests. I love seeing the drama! I love seeing the action! So, I just want to see more like that.

Who will be the new Head of Household? Watch tomorrow night to find out.

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