Fatal Feast makes a meal out of a houseguest’s game

Fatal Feast makes a meal out of a houseguest’s game

APRIL 18, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Santina Carlson won’t have to scrub those egos anymore. The skin care professional from Alberta has become a victim of Big Brother’s Fatal Feast twist and is the third member of the jury.

The houseguests were invited to the deadly dinner after finding clues in the library, well, everyone except Claudia, Renee and Shanaya who were kept out of the search by Hope who barred the women from participating by holding the door shut.

Once the other houseguests discovered it was an event for everyone and not a special power the women were allowed into the room.

“It is a really dirty way to play, you guys,” said Shanaya once they were let in. “Someone standing in front of the door is a dirty way to play. If there is anyone here saying they are playing a genuine game imagine you are standing on the outside and everyone else is in here.”

At the Feast, host/executive producer Arisa Cox set the table of what was going to happen once everyone was seated.

“Here’s the bottom line, one of you will be evicted tonight and brace yourselves because whoever leave tonight won’t be the casualty of another eviction. Consider this your official welcome to the dreaded Chain of Safety,” Cox warned.

As per the Chain of Safety rules, one-by-one the houseguests picked a player they wanted to give immunity to. The last three remaining houseguests had to play in a competition with the winner being awarded immunity from the block.

Here are how the picks went:

Kuzie – Hope
Hope – Anika
Anika – Daniel
Daniel – Shanaya
Shanaya – Claudia

That left Santina, Ty and Renee to battle it out in the individual candle puzzle competition.

Ty won with a time of 7 minutes and 17 seconds. Santina clocked in with 10 minutes and 12 seconds. Renee scored 11 minutes and five seconds.

Despite campaigning as fiercely as she could Santina was unanimously voted out of the house.

“I am not shocked. I knew I was a threat in that house. They got their shot and they took it,” Santina told Arisa.

Who will be the new Head of Household? Watch tomorrow night to find out.

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