First double evictee: ‘If the game wasn’t personal then we’d be playing it online’

First double evictee: ‘If the game wasn’t personal then we’d be playing it online’

APRIL 28, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

The one true monarch of The Crown alliance, Kuzivakwashe ‘Kuzie’ Mujakachi, has been deposed to the jury house where she along with the other jurors will determine the winner of Big Brother Canada. Before she issues her royal decree during the finale Kuzie regaled us with tales of her assent to the throne.

John Powell: It’s hard to win the Big Brother game playing alone. You have worked with others but also played by yourself and did what you had to do. What was your true strategy?

Kuzivakwashe ‘Kuzie’ Mujakachi: My strategy was to play a strategic flip-flop game. I was making sure that I told everybody exactly what they needed to hear but it has to have a certain theme that everybody will tune into, what they particularly need to hear that moment. I made sure that I was good in the fact that if they ever discussed things with me they know the common points that I have said to everybody.

John Powell: What do you consider was your biggest mistake or flaw in your gameplay?

Kuzivakwashe ‘Kuzie’ Mujakachi: I think my biggest mistake is probably not embracing the thought of putting effort into aligning with Ty and Santina. I feel like that would have been a powerful trio for sure. We could have fought to the end. I should have put more time effort into it. We came into the house together, myself, Ty, Santina and Zach. They then kind of started doing their own thing without me. I was on the outskirts of that. I separated and never made it back into that.

John Powell: Were you surprised that Hope was so willing to put his game at risk for you? What do you think of his decision to do that?

Kuzivakwashe ‘Kuzie’ Mujakachi: So, with Hope I worked on getting him to trust me. I’m impressed that he managed to separate himself from people that he somewhat feared or respected. To kind of submit to them and then take himself from that point of submission and undermine that? It didn’t surprise me. It impressed me that he was able to stand his ground and separate from those big dogs.

John Powell: What happened to the united alliance that was The Crown? Why did it fracture?

Kuzivakwashe ‘Kuzie’ Mujakachi: I thought The Crown was brilliant. The way that it started was so strong. The foundation was so solid but after that, we just couldn’t and didn’t win. We had enough people to make a win possible but we didn’t. I think that’s the part where it started cracking because as soon as we weren’t able to win there was crack after crack. The cracks kept getting larger and once it was cracked to a certain extent there was no mending it. I think the last crack was when Hope left because it left a trio of people but in that trio already existed a duo.

John Powell: Who was your true ride or die?

Kuzivakwashe ‘Kuzie’ Mujakachi: I would have to say Ty despite our love and hate relationship. He was always for me even when I turned my back on him. I stopped caring for his game. I didn’t want to hear it anymore. I’m like: ‘You know what? I’m known to take big shots. You are a big shot. That’s my big shot. I’m gonna take you out.’ But, eventually I found myself coming back to him and he didn’t reject me. He stood with me to the last second. I can only love him for that.

John Powell: What happened to your relationship with Anika? You were so close for so long.

Kuzivakwashe ‘Kuzie’ Mujakachi: We were so close for so long but I was disappointed when I heard her say that her number one was Daniel. I knew it for myself but for her to actually voice it to Hope? I didn’t like that. I had a special connection with Hope. I didn’t want him to feel bad. I felt so guilty that he was going home because I felt like it was probably because of my move. For her to do that and then voice certain things and how she plans to float to the end? It all rubbed me the wrong way. I knew that some day soon her day would come.

John Powell: In moments of stress or strife we often do or say things we don’t mean. Do you have any regrets about things you said, or arguments you had with both Daniel and Renee in your final weeks in the house?

Kuzivakwashe ‘Kuzie’ Mujakachi: I will start with Rene. She put me on the block. For that, I do not want to hear any sort of encouragement, any sort of how she holds me in high regard. I saved her twice and the first chance that she gets she puts me on the block? Of course my comment hit a personal chord with her. My apology came from me apologizing for the way that she feels on a personal level. My reaction came from a game move, a move I’m frustrated about. I think she understood but it hit a personal chord for her. I can only sympathize with that because I know we’re humans playing this game. Like I told her, there’s a human elements to it. If the game wasn’t personal then we’d be playing it online.

John Powell: It is often hard to separate game from personal though, isn’t it?

Kuzivakwashe ‘Kuzie’ Mujakachi: It’s VERY hard to separate it but I came in with the mindset of doing exactly that. I needed to make sure that I held that idea to the end. I think I did for the most part. When it comes to Daniel, Do I regret what I said to him? He came to ME to ask MY opinion. I didn’t want to express it to him but he came looking for it. I thought that he should know that he shouldn’t expect me to vote for him on the jury and don’t expect that if I did stay that I was going to be friends with him. He was very correct in voting for me because it was him I was coming after. In the end, he asked for my opinion so I gave it to him.

John Powell: Who do you want to arrive next at the jury house?

Kuzivakwashe ‘Kuzie’ Mujakachi: I am hoping it’s Shanaya. I’m hoping it’s Shanaya that follows me just because I feel that I do want somebody that’s played wholeheartedly with everything that they have still left in the game and I don’t see that in her yet. Maybe there’s some things about her that I’m not seeing. I would hope that towards the end of the season people who deserve to be at the top will be the people who truly played.

John Powell: How will you determine who will get your vote as part of the jury?

Kuzivakwashe ‘Kuzie’ Mujakachi: I am going to vote for somebody who has not been afraid to play. Someone who understood exactly what they came here for and didn’t make it to the end by chance. I don’t want to vote for somebody who made it by chance by sticking behind others and dodging behind others. I want someone who was very purposeful and intentional with their game.

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