First jury member still shocked, stunned by eviction

First jury member still shocked, stunned by eviction

APRIL 8, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – Global TV

Another week has gone by in the Big Brother house and another chaotic Head of Household reign has ended.

Marty began the week seeking retribution against Betty and Josh but then switched his target to Hermon, the auto sales manager from British Columbia.

Now in the jury house, Hermon is still shocked and stunned not only by the circumstances which led to his eviction but Marty’s HoH tenure as a whole.

“Oh, man! That man’s gameplay is an absolute mess! This guy’s a backstab artist! He just does whatever he wants! He is an absolute manipulator! The guy is just messy! He went from being Canada’s noble ‘whatever’ to taking a hard left and he’s just on that path. He’s just on that path now,” said Hermon shaking his head.

One controversial part of Marty’s reign was he insisted he was tricked into voting for Gino last week by Josh and Betty. Hermon wasn’t buying what Marty was selling.

“I really think Marty was onboard with the plan. I think everyone had talked about it in the room for sure. I feel like that other vote was Haleena because she felt like she owed Marty her life in the game as he saved her during the Chain of Safety. He was totally onboard and he was not swindled in any way,” insists Hermon.

It should be no surprise who Hermon wants to follow him into the jury house.

“Martin! Marty! Martin! Absolutely! I want Marty in this house! I don’t want him to win the money. I’m bitter right now. You’ve got to understand I am bitter. I would love to see Marty walk in here just because I just don’t respect that super backstabby gameplay,” he said.

If he had stayed in the game Hermon says he would have stuck by Moose, even though their partnership in the house has had its ups and its downs. Naturally, Marty would have been on his hit list along with the showmance Jacey-Lynne and Gino. Of anyone in the house, Hermon feels he was closest to Josh.

“I honestly feel like I was the most loyal to Josh in the house. I just really liked his spirit and I thought Josh was a good dude,” he said of the paediatric resident from British Columbia.

Hermon admits though he underestimated how strong the bond between Josh and Betty is.

“Well, I didn’t really realize Josh had that close personal relationship with Betty. I think Marty was successfully able to spread enough doubt with Summer and Josh. I think with enough doubt Summer and Josh were kind of like…I don’t know if I can trust Hermon…but they were my ride or dies,” he said.

As a juror Hermon will be weighing their strategies in the game and moves made by the finalists. He will also be valuing their loyalty and their influence in the house. He will definitely not be awarding the win to those he calls the “flip-floppers”.

“I want Moose to win Big Brother. I would love for Moose to win. Who do I think will win? I think if Marty doesn’t get taken out…No, I think Marty’s got too many enemies. I think that the showmance could go far if no one decides to take a shot because everyone loves Gino and Jace,” he concluded.

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