Fourth Jury Member: ‘I feel a little bit betrayed’

APRIL 25, 2024 | Posted By: jpowell

Fourth Jury Member: ‘I feel a little bit betrayed’

By John Powell –

As the old saying goes he went from penthouse to the outhouse. During last night’s double eviction episode Tola Eam, the fibre optic technician from Ottawa, got his target out as HoH. Little did he know though that in less than an hour he would be following Avery to the jury house.

John Powell: Great to be talking to you, Tola. How are you?

Tola Eam: I am doing great, John!

John Powell: Tola, you were on the block four times. What made you such a massive target and how did you press on knowing that you’re in everyone’s sights?

Tola Eam: I knew I was going to be a target going into the house. Four times on the block and not one of those times was I a pawn! I might have been told that but come on, I’m not dumb! I just felt like going into the game I would be a big target. It wasn’t about winning anything. It was about navigating through those times when I was a target. So, I think I did a pretty good job.

John Powell: Do you feel betrayed that Todd didn’t use the veto on you?

Tola Eam: I do in a sense. I feel a little bit betrayed. I knew Todd wasn’t going to use it on me because he’s been brainwashed now. He’s going to say and do whatever Bayleigh tells him to do. He’s a fine gentleman but he needed a lot of guidance. His guidance wasn’t coming from, in my opinion, his own personal moves. It wasn’t him taking the shot and I feel like that’s why he didn’t use it on me.

John Powell: Did you get a chance to speak talk to Todd before he made that decision and if so what did he say to you?

Tola Eam: I did get to speak to him momentarily. I just told him that if he wanted to rock the boat and the show he should keep me. I asked him if I had his vote. There was a lot of beating around the bush from him which was a telltale sign and I gave him a hug.

John Powell: When you were evicted Anthony was visibly crying. How did you feel about that?

Tola Eam: We’ve been together since Day One. I knew that there was nothing that he could have done at that moment to save me because I knew I didn’t have Bayleigh’s vote. It was really an emotional moment for him and Lexus as well.

John Powell: When you didn’t win the veto did you know you were going home?

Tola Eam: My feelings were I was going to go home. I just knew it. I just had this gut feeling that it was me and it was my time based on everybody’s mood, their facial expressions, everything. I just knew that’s the way it was going to be.

John Powell: You butted heads with Bayleigh numerous times and you had a nomination speech that took a dig at her. Do you regret that speech at all? What was your whole intent behind that?

Tola Eam: (laughs) I don’t regret anything! I don’t regret that speech! We have always been after each other since the beginning but her and I have developed a really cool relationship.

John Powell: What do you think about her as a player that what do you think about her as a person?

Tola Eam: As a person, she’s an energetic person. I love that! I’m sort of the same. I can see where she’s going. I know what she’s doing because we have the same mindset. As to her gameplay, I think she’s a really good social player. She’s persistent and she’s going to do what it takes to get to the end. I do admire that.

John Powell: You’ve had just a little bit of time to look back but what do you think your biggest mistake was?

Tola Eam: My biggest mistake would probably allowing Bayleigh into my life. (laughs) She is actually a pretty cool chick but had I not aligned myself with her, had I not let her into my world, I would have made it farther in the game.

John Powell: Could you comment on the gameplay of the final five?

Tola Eam:

Bayleigh – Her social skills are what’s going to actually push her forward. She is a highly competitive person and with the remaining houseguests she has a good chance to really make it to the end.

Anthony – There is a lot of trust that’s being put into him by the remaining houseguests. He does remain loyal but loyalty can only take you so far. It is going to come to a point where he has to burn some of those boats. By that I mean, he has to let go of some of the people he loves.

Spicy Vee – I don’t think she will make it far. She is going to be be voted out soon. If I took her to the end I think I would win.

Todd – Todd? (smiles) I love that guy and I hope he find a way to make it to the end on his own. I really do.

John Powell: How is a jury member going to get your vote?

Tola Eam: I am going to base my jury vote on someone who has played the game with loyalty and honesty. I know that there are times when you have to go behind people’s backs but it’s HOW you went behind that person’s back. I think that’s how I’m going to base my vote.