Get to Know Avery Martin

FEBRUARY 28, 2024 | Posted By: Staff

Get to Know Avery Martin

Age: 26

Pronouns: She/Her

Zodiac: Leo

Hometown: Selkirk, Man.

Occupation: Videographer

Relationship Status: Taken

Why do you think you were selected to be on BBCAN12?
Probably my charisma and personality. I’m also super funny and everyone is always laughing with me and joking around.

What is your strategy going into the house?
Pull people in with my sweet trusting face, win lots of competitions (throw them when I need to), and be the friendly neighbourhood Spiderman.

What aspect of your personality do you think will shine the most?
My charisma and charm. I’m the ultimate hype gal and will really win people over with my social game.

What strengths do you bring that will help you in POV/HOH challenges?
I’ve gotten really strong over these last couple of months and my endurance is top notch. If a comp is either of these, no one stands a chance.

What part of the Big Brother Canada experience are you most excited for?
Meeting people who have been through the same situation. No one else will know what it’s like in the house except us. I think it’ll create a cool band! Also, my family and friends seeing me on TV! Everyone knows how much I love this show.

What part of the Big Brother Canada experience do you think will be the hardest for you?
Just missing my friends and family.

What’s the first thing you would buy with the grand prize winnings?
I’d buy my girlfriend a new car. Her car is falling apart! I’d love to put a down payment on a house too and share my winnings with my siblings, then spoil my nephews.

What legacy do you hope to leave behind after your time on BBCAN12?
I want to show people you can be a great player without giving up your values. I want to be my full authentic self (and a comp beast)!


Fill in the Blank:

My idea of a perfect day includes: a poutine with every meal.

My biggest pet peeve is: when my socks get squished in my shoe.

My greatest strength is: my confidence and optimism.

My biggest fear is: the dark or losing people I love.

My most prized possession is: my camera or laptop.

The best advice I’ve ever received is: we live on a floating rock, so who cares.

My hidden talent is: solving a Rubik’s Cube.

Most spontaneous thing I’ve done is: when I woke up one day and decided to get an undercut.

If I could possess any superpower, it would be: telekinesis.

My celebrity lookalike is: Zendaya.

My celebrity crush is: Renee Rapp.

When I’m stressed, I cope by: 444 – breathe in for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4.

If I could only eat one thing in the house, it would be: poutine or hot dogs.

I get along best with people who: can talk about anything and aren’t scared of stupid questions or topics.

My friends/family would describe me as someone who: is very creative.

A personal accomplishment I am most proud of is: graduating university.

Rapid Fire:

Popularity contest or under-the-radar strategy? Popularity contest
Gut instinct or logic? Gut instinct
Competition beast or floater? Comp beast
Intellectual skills or physical strength? Intellectual skills
No sleep or no food? No sleep
Master manipulator or straightforward honesty? Master manipulator
Win at all costs, or maintain your integrity? Win – I’m here to win (in a nice way!)
Showmance or nomance? Nomance