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Get To Know Damien Ketlo

Get To Know Damien Ketlo

FEBRUARY 27, 2019 | Posted By: Staff

Name: Damien Ketlo

Age: 28

Hometown: Nadleh Whut’en, B.C.

Occupation: Goalie Coach

Relationship status: I have a girlfriend

Describe yourself in three words: Calm, confident, and poised.

If you could take one thing inside the house, what would it be and why? I have no idea, there’s not much we can take in the house. I’m going to say a lacrosse stick and ball to relieve stress.

Do you have a strategy to win Big Brother Canada? I have multiple strategies. I want to be both socially inclined and physically capable but also be genuine and let myself go with the flow. Read and react.

What are you known for? I’m known for being an opportunist, whether it’s playing hockey, doing music, or living life and being physically and mentality fit. I’m also known for being a good role model for First Nations people, especially youth in the last year.

What part of the Big Brother Canada experience do you think will be the hardest for you? It’s going to be hard being away from my family. With hockey, I was always spending time away from my family, but I never had a girlfriend and now I do. I think that will be the hardest thing, I’ll miss her the most.

Who is your Big Brother Canada (or Big Brother) idol and why? I have to go with Jon Pardy (Big Brother Canada, Season 2) because he’s a fellow hockey player/he played junior hockey like me. I think that’s who I could base my game around, by playing a dumb on the outside character and using our competitive advantages.

What do people from your hometown have that gives them an edge to win Big Brother Canada? Just being a good person, a strong social game is everything in the house. Being genuine, hopefully people see that and I can create the right alliances in the house.

Rapid Fire:

Villain or hero? Hero

Competition beast or floater? Competition beast

First HOH or first nominee? First HOH

First out or first juror? First juror

No sleep or no food? No sleep

Math skills or language skills? Language

Gut instinct or pure intellect? Gut

Showmance or Nomance? Nomance