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Get To Know Mark Drelich

Get To Know Mark Drelich

FEBRUARY 27, 2019 | Posted By: Staff

Name: Mark Drelich

Age: 29

City: Edmonton, Alta.

Occupation: Travel Guide

Relationship status: Single

Describe yourself in three words: Energetic, rebellious, and nerdy.

If you could take one thing inside the house, what would it be and why? A deck of cards because you can never get bored with a deck of cards.

Do you have a strategy to win Big Brother Canada? I have a three-stage strategy. Stage one – for the first several weeks, form a really strong alliance, don’t win any HOH competitions, and rely all on my social game. Stage two – during the middle weeks, evict the comp beasts and the players that do have a good chance at making it to the end. For the final stage – turn on my ride or dies, destroying any friendships I made in the house and win every HOH and POV competitions that I can until I make it to the end.

What are you known for? I am known for being the rebellious son in my family, the religious man who left his ways and chose a path of his own.

What part of the Big Brother Canada experience do you think will be the hardest for you? I think dealing with my immediate family post-show and managing their expectations will be hard. My family is religious and if I do something on the show that may upset them, it could be hard to manage once I am off the show.  

Who is your Big Brother Canada (or Big Brother) idol and why? Kevin Martin! (Big Brother Canada Season 3 and 5). I see myself in him – his general persona, the way he approaches life. He’s energetic and fun but also very level-headed.

What do people from your hometown have that gives them an edge to win Big Brother Canada? I think my upbringing combined with all the places I’ve travelled to makes me an adaptable person. I can relate to the tough oil patch guys from Edmonton, but also relate to any of the other cultures I’ve experienced through traveling the world.

Rapid Fire:

Villain or hero? Hero

Competition beast or floater? Floater  

First HOH or first nominee? First nominee

First out or first juror? First out

No sleep or no food? No food

Math skills or language skills? Language skills

Gut instinct or pure intellect? Pure intellect

Showmance or Nomance? Nomance