Haleena: Josh ‘burned too many bridges’

Haleena: Josh ‘burned too many bridges’

MAY 5, 2022 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell – Global TV

She wasn’t one to bite her tongue in the Big Brother house and she isn’t now that she is on the jury.

Haleena Gill is making no bones about who she wants to be the last member of the jury.

“Josh, what can I say about that man? He is loved by everybody. That’s at least what I thought. Coming to jury, it’s a whole different story. He’s played a very dirty game. A very dirty game. He’s gotten personal and it’s been very dirty,” she said about how the pediatric resident from British Columbia.

She did admit though that Josh has been a very crafty player.

“He has been the face of everything when it comes to the Crash Test Dummies. He hasn’t had to make massive decisions like when he did win HoH in the triple. Those were massive decisions and he showed his cards at that point. That’s something that needs to be considered. We’ve know Josh is a very, very smart player. He can win competitions. I think it may be him and Kevin in the final two,” she predicted.

Josh has grown closer to Betty, especially during the last phase of the game, but Haleena thinks Betty is not revealing all of her cards to him.

“Betty in this game has been keeping secrets and she probably knows way more than she’s portraying. She has won competitions. She has two wins under her belt and who knows? She will probably win more. The jury definitely cares about competitions but I think Betty has a secret up her sleeve,” she said.

Speaking of Kevin, Haleena naturally thinks the world of her Ghosts partner and his game.

“Kevin’s game is impeccable. He has no blood on his hands. He’s strategically moved through the game without being seen. He has only one competition win as of right now that I know. So, that’s the one thing I would say, especially with the jury, competitions are a factor that they’re considering but he’s strategically maneuvered through the house effortlessly,” she said.

Haleena considers Kevin the “Yin” to her “Yang”. She credits him with being more grounded and reeling her in at times when she needed to be. She on the other hand thinks she was able to “bring his heart out a little” so Kevin’s head and heart were balanced in playing the game and making strategic decisions.

“I think Kevin and I were put in that house to either hate each other or love each other and it ended up being love,” she laughed.

Haleena does admit though that she didn’t know whether she could really trust Kevin at first or not. She was wary of being played by the wily sales engineer.

“I thought coming to the house I was going to have a big alliance and I was going to ride it until the end. I didn’t think I would have a number one ride or die. I’m really thankful that I did,” she said of him.

One person Haleena didn’t really gel with was Jacey-Lynne. Although the two were civil with one another in group settings, they really didn’t bond or become close in the house. Haleena blames that on a number of factors.

“She’s like a little sister I cannot stand. (Laughs) I want her around. I liked her and enjoyed her presence but you know what? Don’t get too close to me. I can’t live without her but I can’t live with her. It was always push and pull. End of the day, I honestly do think she’s such a smart, amazing girl. I generally do really like her but in the game, I just knew I couldn’t fully trust her. There was also a lot of talking behind backs and you know, being catty and all that,” she said.

Haleena thinks the finals will come down to Betty and Kevin.

“I know it’s kind of biased but I do want Kevin to win! My boy! I want him to win it all but I want to be logical about it. I want to use my head and not my heart. I think it’s a toss up between Betty or Kevin, to be honest. I really do. I think Josh burned too many bridges and he may have played a little too dirty. So I think Betty may win but I want Kevin to,” she concluded.

The finale of Big Brother Canada airs tonight on Global.

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