Heartbroken Fifth Jury Member ‘devasted’ and ‘disgusted’ By Eviction

MAY 2, 2024 | Posted By: jpowell

Heartbroken Fifth Jury Member ‘devasted’ and ‘disgusted’ By Eviction

By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

We can all agree that Victoria Woghiren sure made Big Brother Season 12 extra “Spicy”.

It took 60 days but the rookies finally got a veteran out. Spicy Vee’s impressive second Big Brother Canada journey has ended but as can be expected she has a lot of peppery comments to share now that she is in the jury house.

John Powell: Congratulations on making the jury and making it so far as a returning player!

Spicy Vee: I’m so excited! I was worried I might be the first one evicted but I am pretty impressed with myself and how I played!

John Powell: You took Anthony putting you on the block very personally. What was so devastating about that move? Was it because of your personal bond with him?

Spicy Vee: Within minutes of us walking in the front door together we looked at each other and promised each other that we would have each other’s back in this game. We both knew that coming into the game together as All Stars we would have targets on our back.

What made sense for us was to have each other’s back in the game. I was very true to that. I meant it when I said that. I had HoH three times and I didn’t even look in his direction. I would steer conversations that way if he kind of came up without being too obvious about it. I would never have sent him packing. I thought it would have been iconic to have two All Stars sitting together in the finals. How cool would that have been? He blew it. I had his back all the time and I do know him outside of that house so for him to take that shot at me is just honestly devastating.

John Powell: You have had some time to reflect on things. What are your feelings about him now? You did call him “trash” in your goodbye speech.

Spicy Vee: Anthony took a very cowardly way of putting me up and getting me out. He told me minutes before putting me on on the block that I was going up and he whipped out all of this misinformation from weeks ago.

I know he was putting me up because he saw a better path to winning this game without me in it and that’s fine. Own it! If he looked at me and said I would have understood but the lies and trying to turn it on me and him trying to be a victim as he’s cutting my game short is unacceptable!

John Powell: As you left the show you told Anthony that you want to speak to him after the series is over. What questions do you want to ask him? What did you want to discuss with him?

Spicy Vee: Honestly, I hardly even want to talk to him! He asked me to talk earlier that day and I declined. I gave everyone a goodbye hug except for him. I just need a little bit of time to get over it. By the time the show’s over maybe I’ll be open to talking to him but it’s pretty much just going to be about how he could do that to me and why he won’t own up to it. I really just want the truth. I’m not going to let people think that I did betray him because I didn’t. I think it’s really disgusting the way he went about it! I’m just not impressed!

John Powell: I am going to let you have a little ‘get back’ here. Anthony did say to you that you weren’t being accountable for your game. How do you feel about that?

Spicy Vee: I would say open your eyes! It’s final five! We’re here together! We got here for a reason!

I love the game that I played. I made real relationships. I made real game moves. I dodn’t have anything to be sorry for or to take accountability for. Maybe I didn’t play the game that he played but I’m Spicy Vee and I play a little bit differently! I’m more talkative. I’m more involved in conversations and moves. I thought it was really unfair for him to tell me that I wasn’t playing a proper game and supporting him when my allies didn’t put him up. I didn’t put him up.

John Powell: Let’s be honest. If you had stayed in the house would you have targeted Anthony in the game? Why or why not?

Spicy Vee: No! Absolutely not and that’s why this hurt so bad! I was dead serious about that final two! I am a Big Brother fan. I thought it would be iconic to have two All Stars sitting at the end together, two of the biggest targets in the house. I would have never gone against him and it just breaks my heart that he went against me.

John Powell: You did your best to “sabotage” Anthony’s game before you left. Do you think your strategy will succeed?

Spicy Vee: I don’t know. I wasn’t trying that badly because I could have said a hell of a lot more! (laughs) I wanted to leave Bayleigh and Todd guessing. What was the Hot Chocolate Alliance, etc? I did want to give them good advice. If you do want to win this game you’ve got to get Anthony out but…he’s trash!

John Powell: On a lot of reality shows whether it’s Big Brother or Survivor, returning players are targeted early on as easy outs, threats. Why do you think you and Anthony lasted so long?

Spicy Vee: We had each other’s backs. Well, I don’t know if he had mine but I had his. I was aligned with people who were winning and we made decisions together that didn’t involve putting him on the block. I feel like I’ve made real relationships and real friendships.

I wasn’t targeted in the first or second week. I was able to get that time and I utilized it. I opened up. I was my authentic self and just wanted to show everyone that it’s a new cast and it’s a new theme. It’s new competitions. Everything is just as new to me as it was for them.

John Powell: You were part of some pretty strong alliances but we saw those crumble as the season went on. What do you think happened?

Spicy Vee: For me it all started when Lexus was mentioned as a pawn on the block. Anthony and Alexa caught wind of that. They worked really hard to get Kayla as the replacement nominee with some truth and some lies. She ended up going up and Hot Chocolate kind of fizzled and she went home. Things weren’t the same after Kayla left.

John Powell: What do you think your biggest mistake was?

Spicy Vee: My biggest mistake was probably aligning myself with so many people and giving so many people my word because when the numbers got smaller I think it kind of got out who I was working with and then the people who were my Number One started to doubt if I was their true Number One. I was very much Bayleigh’s Number One but she wasn’t really mine. She was one of my closest allies but I think that kind of started to shock people, it kind of scared her and then it worried Anthony. I really am a woman of my word and I meant it when I said to him that we should go to the end together.

John Powell: You have played twice now. What was the biggest difference this time around for you?

Spicy Vee: I would say the biggest difference is definitely the cast. In my first season, obviously everyone was amazing but I didn’t really vibe with them. I didn’t feel like I really could relate to a lot of the people on Season Nine but Season 12 I was surrounded by strong females and people that I will be best friends with literally for the rest of my life. I didn’t have that before. The biggest difference was definitely having strong woman to play the game with and also having an All Star that I thought I could rely on.

Big Brother Canada Season 12

John Powell: Looking at the final four, tell me what you think of their gameplay.

Anthony: He is trash! He was playing a good game, so I thought. As the game went on you saw how he’s twisting people’s words. He’s keeping stuff in his back pocket to whip out at people and to turn people against each other. He’s playing a very nasty game which is Big Brother and that’s okay. The way he preaches loyalty 24/7, shoving it down our throats that he’s the most loyal guy and then doesn’t act like that, it’s just really messed up.

Bayleigh: She’s playing a really good game. She’s winning when she needs to. She’s aligned herself with strong people. She’s overcome a lot of different obstacles in the game like Donna (Marshall) going home Week Two and not knowing about Hot Chocolate and wanting to work with the girls but most of the girls were in that alliance. She’s just she’s really stayed true to who she is. She’s been very upfront…I really respect her for that.

Lexus: I don’t even want to be a hater but she has just played like a non-existent game. She spent the first half of the game cuddling up to Matt not playing, not making relationships. Once Matt was evicted she just did the same thing with Tola. Once Tola was gone she went right to Anthony. She was kind of just shielded by guys throughout the whole game and made no moves. She really hasn’t played Big Brother. She’s just has kind of been hanging out. As a super fan I just don’t respect that.

Todd: He played a really weird game. In the beginning, he was super quiet and wasn’t winning anything. I used the Executive Veto on him and that gave us a little bit of a good relationship. I think he’s really turned it on. I think he’s finally woken up and realized that he’s in the Big Brother house and he has a shot at winning. I think that he’s going to give all he’s got and I do wish them all the best. I’m impressed.

John Powell: What will be going through your mind as you decide on a winner?

Spicy Vee: I just want the truth. I don’t want to know the moves that you made and why you made them. I want people to own up to their game. Why did that benefit your game? I don’t want people to be hiding behind other people’s words and other people’s actions. I want to know what got you sitting in that chair?