HOH torn between two alliances

HOH torn between two alliances

APRIL 13, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Ty’s visions of a trouble-free HoH have faded away. Not only did Canada award his initial target Santina the final Belairdirect Eviction Protection Insurance of the season but the Power of Veto has also fallen into the wrong hands.

During his reign Ty has found himself playing both sides against the middle in trying to placate both of his allies Kuzie and Claudia who happen to be in opposing alliances.

“Hope offered himself to me in terms of playing for me in the veto and Renee, obviously she is my second choice. Santina got saved by Canada. I want to work with her but she doesn’t show any loyalty. She wants to ride the middle with everybody,” Ty said of his Plan B.

Claudia and Renee met privately and began questioning Ty’s loyalty and why Kuzie seems to be untouchable in the game.

“The way I see it the strongest is Kuzie,” said Renee.

“I am worried about Kuzie for sure,” replied Claudia.

“Kuzie has not touched the block. She has been HoH,” said Renee. “Realistically whatever Kuzie wants this week will happen. She doesn’t have to be the HOH. She has the votes.”

“I don’t understand what he sees and I don’t,” Claudia said of Ty in the diary room after her conversation with Renee. Claudia then questioned Ty about his loyalty to Kuzie.

“Why is Ty making Kuzie’s moves? He is literally just protecting Kuzie’s side and it is Kuzie’s show and we are all just playing it,” she told him posing the questions from Renee.

Ty picked Shanaya to play in the veto and she ended up winning putting him in an even tougher spot.

“Now that Shanaya has won the veto this is not the ideal situation. I am pretty close to Kuzie and if I have to throw up one of her allies it won’t be great for my game. My priority is to keep Renee on that block,” he said in the diary room.

Ty approached Claudia with a new plan, to threaten to put her up if Shanaya uses the veto.

“I want to put her in a predicament where she picks you or Renee,” he said.

“Am I hearing this correctly? Is he threatening to put me on the block?” said a bewildered Claudia in the diary room.

Ty explained away his decision by saying it would be a trust test for Shanaya.

“I don’t respect the approach to be honest,” said Claudia.

“It is very hard to play this game alongside you,” replied a flustered Ty.

“I am trying to be a team with you,” said a frustrated Claudia in response.

Ty accused Claudia of not respecting his plan.

In the end, Shanaya did what was best for her game.

She used the Power of Veto on Renee.

“Unfortunately because my nominees have not been respected I have been forced to make a decision I never intended to make,” responded Ty putting Jonathan on the block beside Hope.

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