HoH’s plans get washed away

HoH’s plans get washed away

APRIL 11, 2023 | Posted By: jpowell

By John Powell –

Sometimes the third time isn’t the charm after all. Hope and Renee are this week’s nominations making it a total of three times both have touched the block this season.

This week’s HoH is Ty. After five-plus hours he outlasted the other houseguests in an endurance competition to become the new HoH. As he vowed over and over again, Ty wanted to target Santina for everything that happened last week.

“This competition was definitely tough but I knew there was no other option but to win it. Last week was pretty interesting. All of us had our speculations of who we thought was the Invisible HoH. Santina and Renee were at the top of pretty much everyone’s list. Those two have always been bad news since last week. If they don’t change something this week they will be on the block together holding hands and one of them will be going home. Probably Santina,” promised Ty.

“Santina is the one who needs to go and I am going to do it. I need Santina or Renee to go,” said Ty to Claudia floating his nominations of Santina and Renee by her.

What Ty didn’t tell Claudia is that he wouldn’t mind if Renee was sent to jury because he feels she influences Claudia far too much. Claudia suggested getting Hope out. Ty explained that he doesn’t see Hope as a threat to his game.

Ty didn’t have to twist Hope’s arm. He volunteered to go on the block.

“Put me up, son. Just make sure the speech is nice,” said Hope to Ty in the HoH room.

“Nobody ever wants to go on the block however I am telling this guy everything he wants to hear. This could benefit me in the future,” Hope said in the diary room. “Ty is a big threat in this game and the moment I get to take him out I am doing it. Trust me.”

What Ty didn’t know was that Canada had other ideas. Canada awarded Santina the final Belairdirect Eviction Protection Insurance throwing a wrench in his nomination plans.

In response, Ty nominated Renee in Santina’s place as he said he would.

“I have chosen to nominate you because I feel like I reached out multiple times to build a relationship with you and I don’t feel like it has been reciprocated,” he said at the nomination ceremony.

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